Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Kansas City Snail Mail Suffers Water Damage And That's Probably Why You Have To Risk Corona To Go Vote Today . . .

Reference and one of many reasons why Democracy might be doomed:

"Why You Can’t Just Vote on Your Phone During the Pandemic"

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Hundreds of pieces of burned, water-damaged mail sit at KC's USPS distribution center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City activist is worried after learning that huge piles of burned and water-damaged mail were piled up at a U.S. Postal Service distribution center. Thousands of pieces of mail go in and out of the Kansas City mail distribution center near Truman Road and Cleveland Avenue for USPS.


Super Dave said...

As I said earlier you can't trust the USPS.

Anonymous said...

And Trump is right again, the dimwits will do anything to get fraudulent mail in voting and they will stop at no cost.

Weird-chimpy said...

"I paid my rent for a year !!!!!! It's in the mail !!!!! Ain't my fault if'n you can't find it. You are racissssst !!!"