Friday, August 21, 2020


The Pitch is struggling to come up with content and so they bring us this local Democratic Party talking point as mail-in voting outcry reaches a crescendo on cable news talk shows this week.


'Save the USPS' rally Saturday at Union Station

Kansas Citians will be coming together at Union Station to demand resources for the USPS this Saturday, August 22nd at 11 a.m. This protest will be part of a nationwide movement calling for funding to the United States Postal Service.


Bandit said...

You know, it's really funny. Democrats claim they have this election won but they have been coming up with every excuse, aside from pushing a shitty candidate again, for why they will lose.

Anonymous said...

The Dems must be scared as hell because they have a new excuse formulated every day for why they will unfairly lose the election. Why can't they understand that most Americans don't agree with their beliefs below:

- Open borders to all illegals so they stream into our country and then we have to pay for their healthcare, food, education and other needs with higher property, sales and income taxes.

- Weaken the police so crime is out of control in all cities, not just the big ones like it is now where the Dem mayors are in charge.

- Weaken the military so terrorists and foreign armies can more easily threaten our safety, take over regions of the world and kill us.

- Don't hold criminals accountable for their actions and make sure they either don't go to jail or can post bond easily so they can quickly get back on the street and commit more crimes against law-abiding citizens and property.

- Weaken the economy with more industry regulations, like no fracking, and more corporate taxes so fewer people can get hired for jobs and unemployment skyrockets.

- Raise the taxes on our paychecks so our net pay is miniscule so the government can pay for more socialist and welfare programs.

- Let doctors abort babies even after birth if the mother doesn't really want the child.

- Continue with false accusations and endless hearings on subjects like Trump-Russian collusion against the President that wastes millions of American taxpayers’ dollars and takes the focus off legislative focus on the real problems facing Americans.

- Continue to work with the corrupt liberal media to take Trump statements out of context to make him look like a racist at a time when he was the one president to decrease the unemployment of Blacks, Hispanics and many other societal segments to record low levels; has no record of being racist; and gave more aid to Black colleges and universities than any other president.

- Be hypocritical about how well Biden would have handled COVID-19 as evidenced by Biden and/or his staff stating that Trump was being xenophobic by stopping flights from Chinese residents to America early in the pandemic, stating that COVID-19 won’t end up being any worse than the flu, and stating masks aren’t very helpful.

- Keep segmenting Americans by ethnic, gender and sexual preference groups so the Dems can act like they are saviors to those groups when they really are only preventing the idea of one America full of people who have differences but who all love their country.

Anonymous said...

^^TL/DR. Nobody has any kind of time for this!

Anonymous said...

Twitter mentality

Anonymous said...

I watched the interrogation of the Postmaster General with Senators grilling him and playing victims that probably don't exist for all to see. He answered all of their questions and I am satisfied that the Board of Governors of the USPS have the right guy. He was asked if he had spoken to the president since getting named to the job "Yes I received a congratulatory phone call from him but have not talked to him since". He was asked if he had any discussions with the Trump administration "No I have not". He was asked have you talked to anyone from the Trump campaign "No I have not". What about the removed collection boxes "3200 boxes were scheduled to be taken out this year and 32000 have been taken out in the past ten years, some are replaced and some are moved to area of growth. I have stopped further removal until after the election." What about the removed sortation machines "We don't need them as newer equipment is faster and we need the room to sort package volume. Did you slow down the mail "No". More questions on Monday. Sounds like a big double nothing burger.

Anonymous said...

^^And yet it’s not, and he will be in jail soon. Weird.

Anonymous said...

I ran several of Boomer Hater/Geriatric Fu*ktard/Weird/CHUD boy's comments through an online age detection app for written materials and it showed in the results that he is only 10 years old. You can tell his age by his lack of writing skills and his frequent temper tantrums. I'm guessing he dropped out of elementary school, and his mother doesn't know what to do with him. For his welfare, we’ve started a GoFundMe page titled “Save the 10-Year-Old Dumbass."

Anonymous said...

another senseless rally.

This guy just took over the USPS in June. By all accounts this is a normal cycle of events to shut down the sorters when mail sent has dropped so low. Packages continue to be a growing business for the Post Office.

And for Pelosi & Schumer who get their based stirred up over something that is an illusion that the mail won't go through.....let's not forget the head of the Post Office was not appointed by the President.

So have your ridiculous rally, waste your time this is all so amusing that you'd be taken in on this political b.s.!!

Anonymous said...

Shut it down. Long lines. Rude cashiers. Lazy cashiers. They acted like they didn’t want the job... now they’re out of one. That’s how it goes.

Bandit said...

If libtards didn't have something to protest they would protest against not having anything to protest. 1960s retreads, hood rats and fuckin millenials! Geez!

Anonymous said...

I had to go to the post office on Truman Rd. The floor was so dirty I had to hold my infant daughter in my arms. While I was writing a check, she casually touched the bell on the counter and the postal employee went postal, saying that the bell was postal property and not a toy. Everyone in line behind us started laughing at the lady. Terrible attitude. I hope they go out of business. Trump should veto the $25B funding bill. Good money after bad.

Anonymous said...

I liked Wilford Brimley better, R.I.P.