Saturday, August 22, 2020

Kansas City Saturday Night Lineup

We take a quick peek at knowledgeable hotties, community news, pop culture and top headlines for our weekend news junkie community.

Sign Of Kansas City Love Towers Over Skyline

A Kansas City Artist's Empowering Message Has Spread To Hundreds Of Billboards Around The World

Nicole Leth's father died from suicide when she was only 17. Since then her life goal, she writes, "has been to give people a space to heal from the inside out." Leth started an affirmation project with a single billboard on a Kansas City highway, that eventually included more than 600 across the world.

Shawnee Burns Today

8 displaced after duplex catches fire in Shawnee

SHAWNEE, KS (KCTV) -- Firefighters in Shawnee were working to extinguish a fire on Saturday afternoon at a duplex. The fire department was called to the area of W. 71st Terrace and Flint Drive just before 2 p.m. No injuries were reported and no one needed to be hospitalized.

Kansas City Wrestles With Risk

Rocky Mountain Nationals event draws thousands to Hy-Vee Arena

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Youth wrestlers from as many as 40 states are in Kansas City, Missouri, this weekend for the Rocky Mountain Nationals youth wrestling event. The competition runs from Friday until Sunday at the Hy-Vee Arena in the West Bottoms. A 41 Action News reporter observed those attending get security checked and have their temperatures taken before entering the arena.

Local Rent Fight Cont’d

'They got him': Former tenant shocked by TEH Realty exec's indictment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A former tenant of a now-indicted, alleged slumlord is speaking out about her time renting from TEH Realty. On Thursday, a federal grand jury indicted Michael Fein, co-owner of TEH Realty, on felony charges of wire and bank fraud. TEH Realty, which operates multiple low-income housing complexes in Kansas City and [...]


Victoria's Secret owner reports surprise profit | Reuters Video

Posted L Brands Inc on Wednesday reported a surprise quarterly profit boosted by strong demand for Bath & Body Works' sanitizers and soaps, as well as higher online sales of Victoria's Secret lingerie during coronavirus-led lockdowns.

Prez Trump Warns Of Deep State Vaxx Conspiracy

Trump accuses 'deep state' FDA of thwarting efforts for coronavirus treatments until after election

President Trump on Saturday accused the "deep state" at the Food and Drug Administration of "making it very difficult" for drug companies to test coronavirus treatments -- and suggested the agency is trying to delay them until after Election Day.

Candidate Promotes BIGGER, BETTER Shut Down Part Deux

Biden to ABC's David Muir: 'I would shut [country] down' to prevent spread of COVID-19 if scientists recommended

Biden, Harris' first joint interview airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Former Vice President Joe Biden said in an exclusive interview with ABC "World News Tonight" Anchor David Muir on Friday that as president, he would shut the country down to stop the spread of COVID-19 if the move was recommended to him by scientists.

In Defense Of Israel

Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired from Gaza; IDF tanks hit Hamas positions

Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at Israel on Friday evening that was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system, the army said. There were no reports of injuries or damage. Rocket warning sirens wailed in southern Israel, sending thousands of Israelis running for bomb shelters as they sat at their Shabbat evening meals.

Deutschland Coronavirus Science Works To Save Lives

Germany puts on crowded concerts to study Covid

Three pop concerts are being staged on one day in Germany to enable scientists to investigate the risks of such mass indoor events during the pandemic. Some 4,000 healthy volunteers aged between 18 and 50 were urged to sign up for Saturday's study in Leipzig, carried out by Halle University.

Rock Chalk Print Demands Continued KU COVID Shut Down

KU student newspaper says campus administrators lied about COVID strategy, wants in-person classes halted

LAWRENCE, KS (KCTV) -- The University of Kansas' student newspaper released a staff editorial Thursday calling on school leaders to halt in-person classes and saying administrators lied about COVID-19 safety measures.

Get Well Soon Salvy, Again

Salvador Perez to the Injured List with vision problems

Salvador Perez has been placed on the Injured List with "lingering effects of blurred vision" and the team has activated left-handed reliever Randy Rosario. According to Alec Lewis, Perez has been suffering from "left eye central serous chorioretinopathy", a condition in which fluid accumulates under the retina.

Election End Game OR Votes For ‘Giant Meteor’ Winning

Oh, great: NASA says an asteroid is headed our way right before Election Day

by: CNN Wire Posted: / Updated: Well, 2020 keeps getting better all the time. Amid a pandemic, civil unrest, and a divisive US election season, we now have an asteroid zooming toward us. On the day before the presidential vote, no less. Yep.

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Anonymous said...

The despicable dimwits will stop at nothing to keep the great President Trump from getting a second term!

Anonymous said...

^^^ now it’s a dimwit hoax asteroid that’s threatening the election!

They know joe can’t win!

Anonymous said...

Trump's just pissed because he and the "Pillow Guy" have invested a buttload of cash in the companies that make and distribute the Fish Tank Cleaner and the Flower Extract, and now the FDA won't let either of them be used as Covid-19 treatments just because they kill the people who take them.

What's that got to do with making a profit?
That's how Capitalism works!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

End Times

Anonymous said...

Michael Fein,of the israel based T E H Co., who scammed 28 Million, and screwed over hundreds of KC low income tenants hiding "overseas"

i.e. israel

Oy Vey!

Anonymous said...

The odds of getting hit by the asteroid (.04%) are the same odds of dying from Covid. YET, the same media that incites Covid panic, scoffs at the asteroid.