Saturday, August 08, 2020

Kansas City Saturday Crime Scene

August is typically the most violent month of the year in Kansas City. Accordingly, we collect news links, info and mugshots related to escalating local violence.

Tech Fight Against Crime

Ring and AdHoc Group Against Crime giving away doorbell cameras in KCMO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ring has committed to giving away 1,500 doorbell cameras to people living in Kansas City, Missouri, and people are eager to receive one. In the week of July 27 - the first week the company began accepting applications - Ring received more than 3,000 applications.

Crackdown Continues

156 arrested in controversial Operation LeGend, which brings feds to states

Federal prosecutors announced Friday that 156 arrests have been made in Kansas City, Missouri as part of the Trump administration's controversial Operation LeGend initiative. U.S. Attorney Tim Garrison said that 156 suspects had been arrested since the program began in the city on July 8, including 59 arrests during the past week, according to a release obtained by Newsweek.

Show-Me Family Desperately Seeking Justice

'He's the scum of the earth': Diemel family shares story of heartbreaking loss

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- One year after two brothers died while visiting a Missouri farm, their family is sharing their story of heartbreak and loss. In July 2019, Nick and Justin Diemel disappeared on a trip to Braymer, Missouri, to collect a debt from a local rancher, Garland Joseph Nelson.

KC Crash Aftermath

KC woman seeks justice after being injured in hit-and-run involving tow truck

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A hit-and-run in Kansas City has left one woman injured, traumatized and without a car, while authorities look for the other driver. Ladana Pearson was hit by the driver of a tow truck who slammed into the back of her brand new Nissan Altima on Monday near 70th Street and Indiana [...]

Spy Tech Evidence Shared

Surveillance video may have captured Grandview murder suspect

GRANDVIEW, Mo. - Alexuas Acord was murdered while sitting outside her Grandview home last spring, an act so brazen her mother is convinced more than one person has to know what happened. Acord, 21, was just starting her life. She had two jobs and was caring for two young children surrounded by a tight-knit family.

Jackson County Double Trouble

Two Warrensburg men charged in connection to weekend murder

WARRENSBURG, MO (KCTV) - Johnson County Prosecutor Robert W. Russell announced Wednesday charges in connection to the murder of Maliyah Lakey who was killed August 1 in Warrensburg. 25-year-old Evan R. Lanigan of Warrensburg and 27-year-old Christian J. Harrison of Warrensburg were charged in connection to the shooting.

Help Find Ice Man

Harrisonville police asking for public's help identifying man that stole diamond ring

The Harrisonville Police Department is asking the public's help in identifying a man that is a suspect in a theft at Golden Classic Jewelry on July 31.Police said the man posed as a customer and stole a diamond ring when employees were distracted.

Cold Case Science Charge

Man charged for 2019 Kansas City murder after crime lab matches DNA

by: FOX 4 Newsroom Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man has been charged for a murder that happened more than a year ago after detectives and crime lab scientists matched his DNA to evidence at the scene of the crime, according to a statement from Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker.

JoCo Tribute After Tragedy

Overland Park Sport Clips honors stylist murdered in July

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Stylists at Sport Clips in Overland Park on 151st Street are honoring a slain co-worker with a domestic violence campaign. Domestic violence knows no boundaries. "If we could have done more...after the fact. Hindsight is never perfect but the time we had her, we loved her," said Keila Branson, a stylist at Sport Clips.

Tragic Sports Scene Allegations

Tennis Player Sues USTA And KC Racquet Club Over Sexual Abuse By Her Coach

A once top-ranked high school tennis player is suing the United States Tennis Association and the Kansas City Racquet Club for allegedly failing to prevent her tennis coach from sexually molesting her.

Show-Me Controversy & Protest Over Missouri Crime Bill

Parson crime crackdown advances after Democrats demand changes in Missouri Senate

JEFFERSON CITY - Republican Gov. Mike Parson's election-year gambit to crack down on crime in St. Louis and other urban areas ran into withering opposition from Democrats during a contentious and marathon day of talks in the Missouri Senate on Thursday.

Kansas City Street Life Hope

Former addict leading nonprofit to get others off the streets, into treatment in east KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police think of it as a hotbed for illegal activity, but one nonprofit and its leader see potential in this east Kansas City neighborhood. If Mt. Washington Missionary Baptist Church is a sanctuary, then Gregory Parr might be this community's saving grace.

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