Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Kansas City Restaurants Stay Losing Amid Coronavirus As Restrictions Intensify

Local mask checks and more health department crackdowns are GOING TO CLOSE BARS SOON as locals work to eek out a living amid a partisan pandemic debate. Checkit:

Reopened Kansas City Restaurants Are Still Struggling To Survive

"I don't really have time to talk to people anymore, to have that sense of community with them," Heirloom Bakery co-owner Scott Meinke said, "which is really sad because that's about 50% of the restaurant - connecting with your customers."


Anonymous said...

"I don't really have time to talk to people anymore, to have that sense of community with them," Heirloom Bakery co-owner Scott Meinke said, "which is really sad because that's about 50% of the restaurant — connecting with your customers."


Wake up!

This is their plan. To divide us, keep us from supporting one another. That is how they will control the masses.

Anonymous said...

eke, manage to support oneself or make a living with difficulty.

eek, the sound a mouse makes

What a brain.

Bandit said...

They have Q Ball and Troy Shitty to thank for this. IT's not about you. It's about them.

Anonymous said...

^^Early start today lonely hearts club leader? Nothing cooking again today? How late were you on here last night? You pathetic Boomer. LOL!

Anonymous said...

How does this business not get a response on a PPP loan application? Seems pretty textbook what the program is for, right? I've heard the application is pretty onerous so maybe it wasn't filled out properly or something but if not I gotta think there's no reason this business shouldn't get some money.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make sense. You wear a mask into a restaurant and then you take it off to eat. No wonder they are losing business. The political virus isn't going to stop until the economy is completely shut down and then the radical left globalists can bring in their order out of chaos.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course, the radical left globalist created a deadly virus to bring in their order out of chaos.

Keep not wearing your mask, dude, and maybe your pointless rambling conspiracy theories will die with you.

Anonymous said...

A mask is a door pass to get into a restaurant. It turns out that a lot of restaurants have lost their mojo during this government imposed crisis. Their food is not that good anymore. Cracker Barrel has even forgotten how to make a good biscuits and gravy breakfast.

Anonymous said...

I know one thing, thanks to the BLM movement I will never eat at or patronize any business that has black owners or for that matter black employees. I do not trust them to control themselves.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

9:52 has it right. No reparations means a big loogie right in the middle of my baked beans at Arthur Bryant's. Pass. The minority community can support all of the fine restaurants left over after their riots and the left's war on businesses and the economy have left cities with largely fast food to deliver heart disease to the black community. Enjoy...

Retro ROCKER said...

The City Has lost most of its tourist.And they will not return for a long time. If they go to a Sporting event,They may dine in a Smaller town before or after the game. You have to get the crime rate down. There are five million people in Missouri That won't consider visiting K.C.MO.,OR ST.LOUIS. THE CITY cannot make it without its visitors .

Anonymous said...

^^^ the sad thing is over 70% of black owned restaurants customers are white, keep pissing them off and see how fast you go out of business, Ruby’s soul food ring a bell to you ole timers who knew her. They just can’t make it without white people, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...


KCMO has a population of approximately 500,000 residents.

According to the KCMO Health Department, there have been 78 deaths due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 in 2020.

ZERO residents under the age of 30 have died from COVID-19.

Nearly all attributable deaths have occurred in those 60 and up, with the two largest affected age decades being 70-79 and 80-89. This should be no surprise to anyone familiar with geriatrics and epidemiology. Senior citizens, especially advanced-age seniors will typically have decreased immune function, pre-existing conditions, and generally lower physical health.

To once again place the coronavirus lethality into some perspective, significantly more people have died from homicide this year in KCMO. As well, fairly common conditions such as pneumonia and the seasonal flu will claim more lives than coronavirus infections.

When Mayor Quinton Quagmire, Rex Archer, and corporate media constantly fan the flames of hysteria by citing coronavirus "cases" they are deliberately SCAMMING you. Currently, the latest fear tactic is to frighten all parents of school-age children. FAKE NEWS media is replete with scary segments about a new wave of "cases" on the verge of wiping out millions of young students. Remember, ZERO KCMO residents under the age of 30 have died from this coronavirus.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I guess it never crossed 1:49's mind that the shutdowns and restrictions worked.

But setting all the slavery we've been subjected to aside for a moment, why would the mayor and Dr. Archer would be "scamming" us. Do tell.

Lemme guess, "to control us and subject us to their liberal agenda," right?

Anonymous said...

Be gone, Russian troll

Anonymous said...


Unintended consequences.

Lucas and Archer have never been in business and are clueless to the impact their decisions have on the local economy.

If masks work and distancing works, why are they looking to create more restrictions? Why not ENFORCE the rules they already put in place?

It is like setting a speed limit of 55 and a few don't follow it, thus we need to lower the limit to 25, that will fix it!!!!

The people that aren't following the current mandate will not suddenly wake up tomorrow and go "OH, now I will follow the tougher mandate"

The people that take the mandate seriously already are, the rest won't regardless of what Lucas and Archer say.

The Mayor doesn't enforce the current mandate, nor follow his own mandate at the lake, you think the average person is going to suddenly listen to him now.....LOL

Anonymous said...

8:20 Most small businesses didn't set PPP. Most of it was stolen by Trump and Wall Street. There is a reason Steve Mnuchin refuses to release the names of where the money went.


Anonymous said...

Trump has ruined the entire economy by ignoring the threat of the virus. His strategy has been to lie about how it will magically go away every day since January. That's it.

Nearly every other country is doing better than the US. They don't have the levels of sickness or death. They don't have the huge economic problems.

Predicting the virus will just disappear is not real policy. It's doomed this country to a new great depression with record business failures, evictions, and unemployment.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are 100% at fault here.
Not one stepped up to stop BLM and defund the police.

If Biden is elected... guess what will happen?

Karma is a bitch.

Fortunately Wall Street and big corporations wont let Biden win. He has stage 3 dementia and would have unemployment at record highs in the Black community... which he hates.

No worries. China and Russia will fight each other and over 400 million ballots will be cast. Biden will want the folks who voted 300 times for their votes to be counted.

And so will the KC Star. It would be the end of time if Biden wins and he has access to the nuclear football.
He would start WWWIII to cover up Hunter Biden- his druggie son from his horrible shake down of foreign governments.

Anonymous said...

Biden will start World War 3.

He promised his son Beau he wouldn’t according Osama Bin Laden- Hunter Biden’s best friend.
And Oprah Winfrey will ask Ellen to marry her on Biden’s son Beau’s casket- which Democrats will unearth and AOC will tax.

Special caution here folks-dog whistled everywhere. Protesters will loot and steal if Harris doesn’t win.

Unknown said...

Wow no wonder you are “Anonymous” you racist sloth.