Kansas City Rent Strike Renewed

Here's a peek at the growing demand to legislative against evictions and block landlords from collecting as pandemic harsh times persist . . . Read more:

'All I can think about is being homeless again': KC group demands moratorium on evictions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Members of Tenants and Allies are demanding that the Supreme Court enact a six month moratorium on evictions. The local group recently came together to help those on the verge of being evicted during the pandemic. The President of the Missouri chapter of the NAACP, Nimrod Chapel, said if families [...]


  1. If you ain't payin' you, ain't stayin'. Life's a bitch. Landlord has bills to pay too. Welcome to the real world.

  2. Where would these free loaders and low-lifes be without free food (EBT), free housing (Section 8), free medical care (Medicaid), free student lunches, free this, free that...Cast off these free loaders!! We do not need them!! They need us and our productive capacity to feed their worthles a s s e s. We need absolutely nothing from them!!

  3. Thin the herd!

  4. I feel for people in that spot but you can't ask landlords to give you free housing. Go home to mom's and keep looking for work.

  5. 3:19 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  6. Maybe wait until your married until you have three or four kids from three or four different fathers who don't support the kids.

    Not our fault these women were sluts and didn't use birth control.


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