Monday, August 17, 2020

Kansas City Public Library Helps Count Locals Before Census Deadline

A look at the pitch from this beloved institution that desperately wants KCMO to achieve higher population numbers . . . Read more:

Library Helping Make KC Count in 2020 Census

The Library is taking part in local education and outreach efforts to have everyone in our metropolitan area represented in the 2020 Census, helping to ensure Kansas City receives its fair share of federal funding in the years to come. How have the Library's Census outreach efforts changed due to the pandemic?


Anonymous said...

Why should the average person in KC care about obtaining government monies?

By the time 12th and Oak puts their greedy hands on it, it has disappeared into thin air, with no discernible benefit to the neighborhoods.

Just too many rat-holes to throw it in, buying votes etc. I wish the Northland could secede from the shitty.

Charlie Horse said...

Looks like the library found work for all the bums who like to smell up the library and surf porn instead of getting a job.

Anonymous said...

Good description of the employees!

Anonymous said...

Libraries are run by a bunch of commie fags and old single women who need a man to smack them around.

Anonymous said...

^^but without them, where would you be able to post shit like this as you don’t have electricity in your rented trailer in Frogville? Broke & worthless Boomer?

Anonymous said...

Right. Everybody is at the KC Library. Moron!