Kansas City Parents, Teachers & Students Confront Back To School COVID Confusion

The rules for Kansas City returning to class in 2020 are contradictory, arbitrary and always in flux.

Moreover, let's not kid ourselves and realize that both the election, civil unrest and/or cold & flu season could change EVERYTHING.

Accordingly, here's how the mainstream reports the crisis in the making and the only life lesson that matters: Things Change.

Kansas City Plans To FAIL?!?!

Several large metro school districts return to class Monday

Students and staff in 22 districts in the Kansas City metro area are starting the new school year this week.Each district has its own unique plan for returning to school -- some with students in class full-time, others working on a hybrid schedule, and some students are starting the new school year the same way they finished last year -- totally online.

Meth Town Returns

Independence School District starts in-person learning on Monday

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KTV) -- The Independence School District starts in-person learning on Monday. There are going to be fewer students building at all grade levels. Elementary schools are in-person with an online option Grades 6-12 are in a hybrid plan. Middle and high school students are now on an alternating schedule.

Growing Education Alternatives

While classrooms remain closed, this metro school program continues to grow and teach students

SHAWNEE, Kan. - Just before COVID-19 forced schools across the metro to close last Spring, students in the culinary arts department at the Shawnee Mission School District planted an acre and a half of produce. All summer, many of those same students and volunteers worked the fields that are now ready to harvest.

Substitution Shortage

States weigh requirements in effort to fill need for substitute teachers

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KCTV) --- This week the State of Missouri changed its requirements to become a substitute teacher. Will Kansas? In order to teach at any school in Kansas, you need at least 60 college credits.

Developing . . .


  1. They'll be fine. Open all of the schools.

    1. ^^^

      Yet some of them won't be. Students and teachers are NOT soldiers.

      Weird that you and so many Republicans are very brave with OTHER people's lives.

  2. Ha! 9:27AM just got knocked the fuck out!

  3. Whether they like it or not, teacher are essential workers. If they don't want to do the job defund the schools and give parents and taxpayers their money back and they can do home school. The teacher's unions will love that.

  4. ^Or you can get off your lazy ass, you appear to have the time, and teach a class. How about that dummy? Got the balls to back up your never-closed mouth? Didn't think so. Sit down then.

  5. ^^Uh, I don't think anyone in their right mind wants that old fool teaching their kids.

  6. Main requirements:

    Must be able to stand upright for two minutes.

    Body must be warm (alive).

    Must be Liberal. No conservative ideas allowed to be imparted to utes.

    Must have graduated grade school.

    Finally, if black, or have BLM tats, you're hired!

  7. ^^and if you had only done better in class you would have a job in the middle of the day instead of posting nonsense on here. YOU are the reason you failed Cletus. Now that shinebox of yours...get it!

  8. LESSON 1: When a COP yells "Stop," stop where you are and wait for instructions. Do NOT try to get into your car or reach for something or turn and bum rush the officer like the dead "Little Giant." I expect some of you will be doing homework on this later this evening or early next morning when your ass should be in bed.

  9. ^^Lesson 2: If you have to pull a gun to detain a suspect, and shoot an unarmed man seven times in the back. You aren't a real man and too stupid to be a cop.


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