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Whilst hottie Bella is only 22-year-old, she's an industry veteran and right now her enduring hotness and Internets biz skill inspires our morning #TBT blast of community news, pop culture and top headlines . . .

Dr. Rex Hints Fall Sport Fix

KC plan could move sports to spring, turn student athletes into virtual learners

LIBERTY, MO (KCTV) - The status of high school sports is a hotly discussed topic now, but the director of the Kansas City Health Department says there is a plan being debated that might make sports safer for everyone.

JoCo Top Doc Share Life Lesson

Johnson County health director shares concerns about in-person learning

School districts in Johnson County, Kansas, are considering how students can safely return to class this fall. On Tuesday night, Blue Valley school board members didn't make any changes to school reopening plans for next month, but they did decide to now follow the state's criteria for opening instead of the county's.

COVID Targeted Old School

Report: COVID-19 cases in nursing homes rose throughout summer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new report shows there was a major spike over the summer in COVID-19 cases at nursing homes. The report was compiled by the American Health Care Association (AHCA), which represents long-term care and post-acute care facilities, and the data came from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


Former Disney actress Bella Thorne joins X-rated adult site

Former Disney actress Bella Thorne has shocked fans by announcing that she has joined X-rated adult site, OnlyFans. In a risqué announcement video posted to her Instagram account, the 22-year-old Shake It Up actress can be seen wearing a pink bikini and a large diamanté chain emblazoned with the word 'sex'.

Prez Trump Embraces Social Media Conspiracy Meme

Trump praises QAnon conspiracists, appreciates support

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump on Wednesday praised the supporters of QAnon, a convoluted, pro-Trump conspiracy theory, and suggested he appreciates their support of his candidacy. Speaking during a press conference at the White House, Trump courted the support of those who put stock in the conspiracy theory, saying, "I heard that these are people that love our country."

Amazon Against Mean Merch

Amazon pulls 'Joe and the H*e' t-shirts after online backlash

Amazon announced Wednesday it removed t-shirts from its site using the slogan 'Joe and the H*e' The t-shirts faced fierce backlash online Tuesday night They were branded by users as sexist, racist and 'unacceptable' The offensive line uses a derogatory term for Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris It references claims

GOP After Hunter

Trump campaign releasing Hunter Biden ad as Joe Biden accepts nomination: report

The Trump campaign reportedly plans to release a new digital ad targeting Hunter Biden Thursday, the same day his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, will accept the Democratic Party's nomination for president. The campaign ad, part of a seven-figure buy, will focus on Hunter Biden's dealings with China while his father was vice president, suggesting he used his father's position for personal profit, according to Politico.

Democracy Cliffhanger

Kayleigh McEnany refuses to say whether Trump will accept election results: "He'll see what happens"

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday refused to say that President Donald Trump will accept the election results if he loses in November. At a White House briefing, McEnany was asked about Trump's recent remarks claiming that the only way he can lose the election is if it is "rigged."


More U.S. Residents Are Getting Dual Citizenship in Greece, Italy and Elsewhere

Growing up in Chicago, Juliana Calistri was surrounded by all things Italian: music, food and language. Ms. Calistri's grandparents were raised in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, and though her father was born in Chicago, he spoke Italian before he spoke English.

Rock Chalk Testing

KU requiring daily health screenings for students and faculty to enter buildings

LAWRENCE, Kan. - After campus and the rest of the world shut down in March, students will start moving back in to the University of Kansas on Thursday. But this year, they won't just be getting keys to their dorm room. They'll get a "CV," or coronavirus key, as well.

Kansas Crops For Kamala

Kamala Harris crop art turns up near Lawrence


Enjoy Day Before Warm Up

Staying nice today but will heat up quickly by the weekend

The humidity will stay low until the weekend Temperatures will get close to 90 degrees this weekend and next week KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST We still see no chances for rain in the next 7-10 days Thursday: It will be another spectacular summer day with lot of sunshine and low humidity.

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Anonymous said…
The Disney to "adult" entertainer pipeline is strong. Very interesting.
Anonymous said…
^^^^Yes, it's called growing up and desperately trying to keep some sort of career going.
Bandit said…
Disney is well known for producing sluts and skanks.
Anonymous said…
Also very interesting that Trump supports an anonymous discredited and proven wrong Conspiracy Theory while an investigation by the Republican Senate proves that there was collusion between his 2016 Campaign Staff and Russians.

Sort of supports Donald Jr's testimony (under oath) about his attempts to collude, doesn't it?.
Bandit said…
And the Demonrats are still pushing the Russian collusion hoax comrade. Go burn something.
Anonymous said…
Not a "Democrat" Baby Burt, merely an Anti-Republican Patriot who's tired of seeing the economic devastation that Republican Economic Insanity wreaks on this Country time after time.

a) Cut taxes on the Wealthy
b) Deficit Spend like a drunken Sailor
C) tank the US Economy again and again.
Anonymous said…
Oh, we know you only like the Russian conspiracy theories from the left! Lol. What did Mueller say? No collusion?

Anyway, FBI lawyers are copping pleas in Durham's criminal investigation into the fraud of the Russia investigation. Good times!
Bandit said…
Sure you are. Wanna buy a bridge?
Anonymous said…
Your nickname for him is almost as gay as your feelings for him.
Anonymous said…
Why? is "a bridge" what what Trump and the Pillow Guy are trying to pimp as a cure for Covid-19 today?
Bandit said…
The Democrat platform summed up in two minutes and twenty seconds.


Anonymous said…
Yet Adam Schiff is on audiotape triying to collude with a Russian who he thought had nude photos of Trump. Later, it was found to be a Russian comedian playing a trick on stupid Schiff. But this is all nothing compared to the acts by Obama/Biden/FBI/DOJ to falsify FISA applications and cheat and lie to try to get Trump out of office. Wait for the Durham Report. Coming soon. No other political party in the history of America has lied, cheated and purposely taken things out of context as the Democrapic Party. It's disgusting to see how one party no longer condemns violence against innocent people and property.
Anonymous said…
The Dem convention is such a shit show that even Democrats are shaking their heads. It's almost as if they're deliberately doing a terrible job.
Anonymous said…
@8:32 - read the Mueller Report - nowhere in the redacted version that has been released does it say there was no collusion, in fact Mueller sent Manafort to Prison for that very thing!

What the Report says is that the Mueller Commission deferred to the Attorney General the question of whether a "sitting President" could be indicted for criminal activities. Before the Trump-selected AG could reply he was fired, and Barr has taken no action one way or the other toward the question asked in the Report.

And when is the "Durham Report" going to be released now? So far there have been four "release dates" announced, with no action at all! And does the Epoch Times, or whatever Trump fanfiction you read give any names of all these people running scared, or is it just claiming they are hiding out in Area 51?
Bandit said…
"Trump's fault" is a great excuse for the actions of militant mayors and dictatorial county health departments, and Napoleonic governors shutting things down. They are the ones getting the blow back as well they should. There is an effort underway to recall a certain closeted, selfie taking, camera whoring, Mussolini wannabe here locally.
Anonymous said…
You fucking morons haven't read two fucking sentences of the Mueller report. Dipshits. So just don't comment on it, how about that? Makes sense though, I'm sure you're all jacking off to the fact that our fucking POTUS is out here praising a fucking nut case group like QAnon. What the fuck is wrong with the a large portion of our country? Do you assholes also believe that a cure for cancer is out there but the government is keeping it under wraps in order to keep pharma companies in business? Cripes, don't answer that.
Bandit said…
Mission accomplished! Poop is in Chimpytard's fruit loops! New personal best! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Anonymous said…
8:37 - you got a full transcript of that idiot. god damn you fucking people are stupid as fuck. Yes, we're all on pins and needles waiting for the Kremlin backed Durham report. The only ones who will put any stock in what it says are you fucking morons. Back to your basement and tin foil hat, weirdo.
Bandit said…
*munches popcorn, kicks back and watches Chimpytard lose his shit all over the place*
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

After joining the adult industry, naughty Bella had MALE overflowing from her INBOX!!!
Anonymous said…
8:55 calm down Chrissie, you’ve been jacking off to Nancy palooza and Adam shitforbrains lies for three years and through 7 failed impeachment attempts. You lost, get over it.

Who’s wearing the tin foil hats again?
Bandit said…
If Demonrats are trying to lure in the Boomer Haters for the election how come the convention looked like one big AARP commercial?
Anonymous said…
Hey, raise your hand if you donated to Steve Bannon's "We Build the Wall" scam that he was just arrested for. It's ok. Own the fact that you're an easy mark for the grifters.
Bandit said…
Didn't contribute and didn't buy Goodyear to start with. Next?
Anonymous said…
Wait, what?

Kremlin backed Durham report? You're a moron. And yes, many are waiting for more criminal indictments in the massive hysterical fraud of the Russia nonsense. This is of course following Horowitz, who found flagrant and repeated abuses by the FBI in the witch hunt.

I know it's rough for you right now. But do better.
Bandit said…
*pinches off another loaf in Chimpytard's Fruit Loops*
Anonymous said…
Yes, sooo...no provable collusion, in other words. Thanks!

In other news, Horowitz found flagrant and repeated abuses by the FBI in the witch hunt.

And Durham isn't just doing a report. He's producing criminal indictments; like this week when ex fbi lawyer Kevin Clinesmith admitted his part in the hoax.

Tough times for you. Sorry. ;)
Bandit said…
Got anything on grassy knolls?
Anonymous said…
Meltdown confirmed!
Bandit said…
Yup 9:22. He went full gay Chernobyl.
Anonymous said…
I know psychologically your fragile egos prevent any of you to admit you've been grifted by this admin and his campaign but read the Senate Intelligence Report. It's spelled out there. Read it. It will require you to read and comprehend but I know you guys can do it (at least I hope so).

Cue the "Nu uh, you're wrong" responses in 3,2,1.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the Durham report will have as much of an impact as Obamagate. Which is nothing. No charges, nothing. Really sad. Trump tweets all the time about Obama spying on his campaign, yet, weird, no charges. I think it might be because he's lying?

Again, I await with bated breath the response of "Nu uh, you're wrong, charges are coming".
Anonymous said…
It's weird, all these indictments against Trump related people yet nothing ever against anyone associated with Obama? Maybe they're just better and criminaling. Maybe Trump people are bad at criminaling? Is that a word, criminaling?

Trumpsters need to work on their criminaling skills.
Anonymous said…
We don't need to read the Mueller Report to know it resulted in no charges against a duly-elected president. That's the bottomline. That and the sad fact that American taxpayers are on the hook for millions of dollars so Mueller and his lakeys could run a bullsh*t investigation and give the corrupt Democraps a little bit of hope that their lies and deceptive actions would result in hurting Trump and his team.
Bandit said…
There he goes again on Red Bull and crack. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Anonymous said…
The Democraps are experts in using the judicial system to unfairly attack their opponents. They love to spend American taxpayer money on their quests for power even when they know they don't have a good case. They know the liberal media will at least help them get negative headlines and stories out to the public until they finally lose after our millions are spent needlessly. They don't mind spending our money for their obsession with power.
Anonymous said…
Funny that Amazon and the Marxist Democrat Party are so sensitive to 29 year old Kamala Harris sleeping with married 64 year old, Mayor Willie Brown to kick start her government career.

Biden plagiarized his way through law school and Kamala slept her way to her current position. Great combination.
Anonymous said…
Ok, so, to refute you again: I know you're triggered easily but try to calm down.

The Mueller report produced no evidence of collusion.

The Horowitz report was damning for the FBI and its handling of the Russia witch hunt.

Durham is already producing criminal indictments and guilty pleas from FBI people who admit their part in the hoax. Charges are coming, but they're also already here. Try to keep up lil guy!

I'll say it again. Kevin Clinesmith. Former FBI lawyer. Guilty plea. Is that so hard to understand? Lol

You're kind of boring if you can't sustain an argument you know. Bring on the nicknames and profane ad hominems--truly your only contribution. ;)
Anonymous said…
Tey to get your thoughts together.
Anonymous said…
Bros, someone get Guantanamo ready for all these arrests coming from the Durham report, amirite? They got eeeeeeeemmmmmmmm!

No way the Democrats can use their expertise in the justice system to get out of this one! I read it on the internet last night. They're going down.
Anonymous said…
It's gonna be the Pee pad/Knee pad ticket! Lol
Anonymous said…
10:10 - The Mueller report also said "While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him".

One guy charged. That's what's been produced. Can't wait for all the other indictments. Score one for Trump against how many charged? The shut out is averted. Kudos.

Boring huh? Seems a little ad hominem to me.
Anonymous said…
Is Obamagate still a thing?
Anonymous said…
Well, the Nxonian overreach of his justice department is, in interference with Trump's campaign.
Anonymous said…
Yep, just proving my case really. Sit this one out, you sound tired.
Anonymous said…
You backtack and reverse yourself in a humorous way. First you claim massive Trump collusion, then it's what you said. A nothingburger, neither yes or no. In an investigation that was so corrupt that it produced the damning Horowitz report.

Then it's 'Durham's a joke, ha ha, where are the indictments and charges?' And when one is definitely cited you fall back to, 'Well where are the rest?'

Right now you're just comic relief.
Bandit said…
Chimpytard falls more into the tragedy category than comedy.
Stroker Ace said…
Whatever happened to the Benghazi affair?
Anonymous said…
Go, Baby Burt, go! Tony likes your clickbait!
Anonymous said…
Rick Gates
Paul Manafort
George Papawhatever
Mike Flynn
Mike Cohen
Roger Stone

Steve Bannon

Some FBI guy plead guilty to altering an email in relation to the Durham report and that settles it I guess. Everyone in the Obama admin is going down, it's coming, get ready. Ok.

Horowitz Report -"Our review identified significant concerns with how certain aspects of the investigation were conducted and supervised."

"The activities we found here don't vindicate anybody," he said in response to a question about whether former FBI Director James Comey should feel vindicated about how the bureau handled the investigation, dubbed "Crossfire Hurricane."

The report found that the bureau's decision to open an investigation "was in compliance with Department and FBI policies, and we did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced" the decision.

Keeping an eye on both sides, there were issues and concerns with conduct and supervision but none with the decision to open an investigation. You call this damning? I thought the argument was always that the investigation should never have been done. Horowitz refutes that.
Anonymous said…
^^^^^And yet you are trying to use facts to argue with Trumptards. Weird. They'll go for fantasy every time, and the more bizarre the better.
Anonymous said…
Well if you make up your own arguments and then refute them, what is someone else to do? Opening an investigation wouldn't be a problem--the issue is the gross misconduct involved in the investigation, which is plain in Horowitz.

Anyway, nothing new here. The Horowitz report found sustained abuses as has been said, all in service of an investigation that was transparently corrupt and partisan from the start. Wiggle if you lije, parse and cherry pick statements as you like, but the FBI was definitely in the wrong. Particularly in the matter of the FISA warrant--the silly fraud around which was the basis for the whole Russia investigation. Stop playing games please, it doesn't help your case.

And I think you intend irony with your other strawman, which is also weak; your hyperbole about 'everyone going down in the Obama administration'. It may be a small matter to you that a former FBI lawyer has copped a plea admitting to misconduct that will put him in jail. I understand why you'd want to downplay it, as it's the beginning of Durham's criminal indictments. But it's not going away, and there are more to come.

Do better.
Anonymous said…
Shh Chimpy. Humans are discussing things.
Anonymous said…
Freedom of Speech 101 in Homo happy 2020. Can't say Joe and the hoe, can't say anything about homos or blacks. Can say anything about any other race or straight people openly . Remember MAdonna and Kathy Griffins evil statements ?
Bandit said…
Hello, DNC? One of your economy model flamethrowers has malfunctioned on the TKC blog.

chimptard said…
I am highly offended !!!!!!!!

"KC plan could move sports to spring, turn student athletes into virtual learners"

To suggest student athletes, or any athletes, should have to "learn", is racist.
Anonymous said…
Did you just shit yourself? Goodness me.