Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Kansas City Midweek Link Pool Smile

Hottie Candice and her swimsuit social distancing promo inspires this quick peek at pop culture, community news and info from across the nation around around the world right now . . .

Kansas City Footballer Cope With Pandemic Consequences

Chiefs regroup after starters Damien Williams, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif opt out

6:00 AM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 The Kansas City Chiefs thought they had two advantages over most of their competition heading into training camp, one being startling continuity for the salary-cap era and the other a high-scoring offense led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Discount Movie Night

Walmart announces drive-in movie theater experience at Kansas, Missouri stores

Walmart announced a new drive-in movie experience set to start this month.Walmart Drive-in is rolling into 160 stores nationwide August 14 to October 21. The company will transform Walmart parking lots into outdoor cinemas for 320 showings of hit movies. The drive-in movie experience is free to Walmart customers.

Kansas COVID Cluster

Officials: Quarter-plus of Kansas virus cases from clusters

OVERLAND PARK, KS (AP) - Nearly a quarter of Kansas' almost 29,000 coronavirus cases have been linked to cluster sites, according to state health officials. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment identified 360 outbreaks which have infected 7,710 people and led to 243 of the state's 365 COVID-19 deaths, the Kansas City Star reported Wednesday.

School Reopen Tax Break

Missouri's back-to-school tax holiday weekend starts Friday

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- This weekend, those preparing to go back to school will not have to pay sales tax in certain Missouri cities. The tax-free weekend will begin at 12:01 a.m. Friday, Aug. 7 and run through Sunday, Aug. 9.


Candice Swanepoel flashes her model physique during errands run in NYC

After 10 years as a Victoria's Secret Angel, she is still one of the most highly sought after model's in the world. And Candice Swanepoel put her good looks on display during an errands run around New York City on Sunday.

Biden Stays In Bunker

Joe Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee to accept Democratic nomination

Joe Biden is no longer expected to accept the Democratic presidential nomination in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the Democratic National Convention, three officials confirmed to CNN.

Free Money Moves

White House appears to make concessions on unemployment benefit offer in coronavirus relief talks

Democrats and Republicans have finally started to yield as painstaking coronavirus relief talks drag into their 10th day, as the White House appeared to make concessions in the bargaining over extended unemployment benefits. Even so, a range of issues remained unresolved Wednesday as the sides belatedly try to stave off economic ruin for millions of Americans and give a jolt to an overburdened health-care system.

MAGA Outworks Democratic Party

Trump's campaign knocks on a million doors a week. Biden's knocks on zero.

Biden's organizing program was slow to ramp up after the primary. Senior leadership for critical states like Florida and Pennsylvania were announced only in July and the campaign set a goal of just 600 hires by the end of June.

Tragic Talking Point

Trump on 1,000 Americans a day dying from COVID-19: "It is what it is"

President Trump appeared to downplay the U.S.' unparalleled coronavirus in an interview that aired Monday, saying that the rate of about 1,000 Americans dying every day from the pandemic "is what it is." The president also rejected data showing the high rates of coronavirus deaths in proportion to the U.S.

Blowup Aftermath

Ammonium nitrate may have sparked the Beirut explosion. It happened in Texas, in 1947, too

Lebanon's government has blamed a large quantity of poorly stored ammonium nitrate for the huge blast that rocked its capital, Beirut. What is this chemical, and why did it explode?

Classy Housing Tease But TKC Prefers The Four Door

A Renovated Tudor in Kansas City

The owners completely restored this century-old home, which features a spacious British-style kitchen and a pool on a tree-lined lot. It is on the market for $1.5 million. -Jessica Dailey

More Options In The Dotte

Downtown KCK (at last) welcomes an enviable grocery store, the Rieger returns, and a new ice cream shop to try

Several years after losing its last grocery store (a shoddy Apple Market at 7th Street and State Avenue), downtown Kansas City, Kansas can at last boast that it no longer is among the city's notable food deserts with the opening of the Merc Co+Op smack downtown at 5th Street and Minnesota Avenue.

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Anonymous said...

Candice better not put a mask over her snatch.

Anonymous said...

So what is Trump going to do about the attack in Lebanon yesterday???

Anonymous said...

Why should he do anything?
Idiot ragheads stored a bunch of ammonium nitrate in an unsafe environment and it blew up.
That will happen.

Anonymous said...

Stored nitrate???

But Trump said it was an attack. Some kind of bomb.

Anonymous said...

The big news is how Joe Biden lost his mind today on a black reporter who asked about whether he has taken a cognitive test. Joe got pissed and then asked if the reporter took a cocaine test before the interview. Sleepy Joe just bragged about how he has taken and passed cognitive tests a few weeks ago, but now he's changing his tune. The two comments from Biden don't jive. The man is liar, like a lot of Democrats (see Adam Schiff), or he can't recall which tests he's taken and which tests he hasn't, showing he is indeed losing his mind.

Bandit said...

Why the hell is it our responsibility to do anything about Lebanon? That's like trying to referee black on black crime in Kansas Shitty. Doesn't matter what you do, they'll keep killing each other. Same thing in the Middle East. They've been killing each other for over 1000 years. Ain't nothing going to change.

Byron the II said...

Imperative all attendees to Wally-World movies bring AR's and 12 gauges, for fun and games during intermission. Guess how long this will last when BLMers protest no 5G, nor free popcorn.

Byron again. said...

Look for many cars with 20" spinners, 10 occupants and no tags. Do not look at anyone!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Take a break bandit, you’re boring us to death.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Funny that today Scott Parks talking points came from CNN.

Anonymous said...

I'd luv to motorboat Candice's sweet ass!

Bandit said...

Parks also likes Joel Olstein. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

TKC Prefers The Four Door! Bada BOOM!!!!!!!!!