Sunday, August 30, 2020

Kansas City Metro Youngster Coronavirus Outbreak Already Starting

A sign that youngsters aren't immune and important health decisions need to account for the NEXTGEN. Checkit:

Raymore-Peculiar High School student catches COVID-19

RAYMORE, MO (KCTV) -- On Sunday, the Raymore-Peculiar School District sent an email letting people know that one of their students has COVID-19. They said the student goes to Raymore-Peculiar High School and has tested positive for the virus.


Anonymous said...

Wait...what?...I thoug
ht they told us young people weren't affected? Did they tucking lie about that TOO? GET OUT OUT OF THIS TOWN NOW!

Penny Scott said...

No, youngsters can get it. They might not get as sick with it and if they don’t get tested then they don’t have to isolate from their peers and they can pass it to elders that can get really sick from it! Perfect storm! 😒

Anonymous said...


From the brain-trust at KCTV-5, the headline reads:
"Raymore-Peculiar High School student catches COVID-19"

Excuse me dear, but you do realize that NO ONE "catches COVID-19", right?

COVID-19 is the body's reaction when unable to fight off exposure to the coronavirus.

"..the student goes to Raymore-Peculiar High School and has tested positive for the virus."

Ok, the above quote is slightly better, but you didn't explain that testing positive for the virus is essentially meaningless. Maybe the test was bad; maybe it was a false-positive; maybe the student was actually exposed to the virus, their immune system eliminated it, and they had no symptoms; maybe they had a cough/fever and managed it at home for a few days; maybe they thought their allergies were flaring up and they went to their doctor.

What KCTV-5 will NOT do is follow-up with this case, and inform you that the student is doing fine, was never hospitalized, and will certainly never die from the coronavirus. The media is all about keeping you scared, especially if you're a parent of school-age children. The immediate liberal agenda is to keep schools shutdown and the economy crippled.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you're not a scientist. Instead you're a lazy, geriatric fucktard who spends all your time here. Hard pass on anything you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Yet to see a Covid story fully reported. If these guys were sportswriters, they'd announce baseball scores with only one team's runs. CASES DON'T = DEATHS. In fact, subtract deaths from cases to arrive at SURVIVALS. That's just one additional aspect they ignore. Next, compare those numbers to OTHER DISEASES. Flu, auto accidents, whatever. Schools and sports aren't cancelled for those, yet Covid is far safer for youths and their lives are being ruined!

Anonymous said...

^^^^Caret-Boy at 8:19 comment^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Everyone knows YOU lurk on this blog 20 hours a day, leaving your carets^^^^ and idiotic replies backed up with zero evidence. You are a truth denier, who lives in a cesspool, feeds upon others talents, and haven't had an original thought since your Alzheimer's diagnosis. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet I triggered you enough to respond. I own you. Played yourself. Again. Always. Shinebox? Get it!

Anonymous said...

STUPID at 1:47, you just proved his point. Way to go dipshit, the only one who got played was you.