Monday, August 17, 2020

Kansas City Mayor Q: Wear A Mask To Save Your Favorite Local Hangout

An upbeat, optimistic and hopeful veiled threat as cold & flu & election season shutdowns loom once more . . . Checkit:

KC mayor warns some businesses face shutdowns if people don't wear masks

Kansas City's mayor is warning people to wear a mask or bars and restaurants could be shut down again.The warning comes after Mayor Quinton Lucas did a spot-check of some establishments.Places like Kelly's in Westport are among the bars Lucas praised Monday after doing a walkabout Sunday night.


Bandit said...

Shut em down Mayor. You are only hurting yourself and making the city's shortfall that much worse.

Anonymous said...

You’ve already posted this five times today.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha But yet the mayor Lucas is going to let Arrowhead tailgaters tailgate and just tells to to wear a mask, like they are going to do that. Do you see what he is trying to pull on everyone? He has an eye out for businesses that don't do what he says yet who watches the Arrowhead drunks???? If you can't see the communism in that you're stupid and blind.
Can't wait for businesses to move out of KC and get away from this wack job.
Cheesecake Factory please come to the burbs you're too good for KC.

Bandit said...

Q Ball is still butt stupid. Weird and you've been trolling all day Chimpy. You anonymous coward.

Anonymous said...

^Russian bot you’ve already said Q-Ball five times today.

Bandit said...

RAWK! RAWK! RAWK! Russian spam bot! Chimpy the JAINAbot wants a cracker! RAWK!!!

Anonymous said...

How does someone so clueless become mayor?

How does a Health Director and Mayor make some of the most critical decisions the city has ever seen simply by how they feel on a particular day?

The KU Health system announced Today they are currently treating 28 patients in total, in total!

And by going to a handful of hot spot bars on a single night he is saying “We're not here to be overwhelmingly punitive. We just want people following the rules because we want people safe.” While Rex Archer is quoted as saying “That as cases increase, we might be closer to closing bars”

I thought the hospital numbers are the reason to have a shut down, you know to not overwhelm them. If most cases are asymptotic or present like the common flu, why are these two still acting like chicken little.

It is completely irresponsible and reckless. And what a joke that we are all at the mercy of these two......

Anonymous said...

Drinking and driving probably 9:12

Anonymous said...

Is he going to shut down anything at 18th and Vine, or is he going to show bias in favor of that area?

Bandit said...

Nah. Trump shuts things down. Ask Chimpy over on the Pizza Slut article.

Anonymous said...

And yet Pizza Hut is closing down 300 stores nationwide under a failed administration. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Pizza Hut sucked, their restaurants were always filthy and the help was disgusting, I say good riddance

Anonymous said...


Weak Mayor Quinton Quagmire and fake Dr. Rex Archer haven't done anything to prevent:

A) 124 homicides YTD in KCMO. In at least 17 of these cases, marijuana, methamphetamine, or other drugs have been a predominate contributing factor in the homicide. Mayor Quagmire's response has been to go soft on marijuana law enforcement.

B) KCMO residents dying from tobacco. More KC residents will die from complications of tobacco use in 2020 than from COVID-19.

C) KCMO residents dying from alcohol consumption. More KC residents will die from complications of excessive alcohol use in 2020 than from COVID-19.

D) The KCMO Health Department is currently reporting 87 residents have died YTD from COVID-19. They've recently changed where and how they report the statistics in order to emphasize their exaggerated "cases" data along with a new section dealing with race and equity. They've removed the ability to track deaths by age after critics pointed out that NO KCMO resident under age 30 has died from COVID-19 in 2020, and that the majority of deaths occur in older senior citizens with pre-existing poor health.
Even the Star's Judy Thomas, with whom I rarely agree, recently wrote a good article highlighting that approximately 1/4 of KC's COVID-19 deaths have occurred at one care facility.

The glaring MAJOR ERROR in Quagmire and Archer's approach to the coronavirus is in treating everyone as a guilty virus carrier/spreader. This is the same FAULTY reasoning that causes liberals to call for gun bans, negating the rights of law-abiding responsible citizens. As a society we don't even mandate everyone get an annual influenza vaccination or force objecting parents to vaccinate their children.

Politicians who are ok with you smoking tobacco/marijuana/e-cigarettes, drinking alcohol, gambling, etc., but try to force you to wear a mask and stay away from your friends are inept, illogical, and likely insane.
Personal responsibility is the name of the game.

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

The mayor is totally disgusting. I would like to see him removed from office.