Saturday, August 29, 2020

Kansas City Introduction To Art School Amid Unprecedented Times

A fascinating welcome message to students at one of the most "woke" schools in the metro.

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Welcome to Campus

Dear Students of the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI), You are beginning your semester in the time of a global pandemic and an imperative necessity to question white supremacy in your country, your institutions, and your daily life. This will not be a normal semester; it can't be.


Anonymous said...

I was listening to the radio yesterday and there is a special coming out over the next week about how the countries that hate and I mean truly hate the USA have been giving over ten billion dollars to colleges for ten years now, they are the ones responsible for what’s being taught at colleges, they are the ones controlling the narratives of the colleges. This explains a lot about why “professors” like wanna be Lucas have all gone to the anti American agenda and want socialism. It’s what they’ve been paid by anti American countries to do, teach our kids confusing and conflicting information to disrupt and cause wide spread destruction of the american way. The biden/Harris ticket and the rioting going on right now are what these people want and if it continues you can kiss the american way of life good bye. This is just the beginning, they’re not going to stop unless we can stop the money going to our colleges from these foreign countries.

Charlie Horse said...

Would hate to pay high tuition rates to be taught queer history.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with critical self-examination, but I agree that this has been encouraged by outside players wanting to create divisiveness.

On the other hand, those efforts would have failed in a more equitable society. Either way, we have to deal with changes going forward.

Kohl said...

Save your money, go to metropolitan community college. Community college is far more diverse and inclusive.

Anonymous said...

"White Supremacy" - the Kansas City Art Institute sounds like Hitler at a 1937 Nuremberg rally.