Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Kansas City Hump Day News Roundup

Inspired by the promo goodness of hottie Chantel we even things out with headlines that's are a bit nicer as we examine pop culture, community news and more . . .

Kansas City Works For Justice

KC group works to help those wrongfully convicted

A new group in Kansas City is trying to help those wrongfully convicted.

Raytown Rub Down Biz Burns

Raytown businesses damaged following strip mall fire

RAYTOWN, MO (KCTV) -- A massage parlor located in a strip mall in Raytown was badly damaged in a fire. It happened off of Raytown Trafficway near 62nd Street. Firefighters say someone started frantically pounding on their doors at the fire station around 2 a.m. to alert them of the fire.

Community Outreach Sweetness

KCPD uses Slurpee event to connect with community

Kansas City, Missouri, police are working to make a difference in the community.Community interaction officers in the Shoal Creek Patrol Division found a simple way to to do that.

Local Ford Tough Upgrade

Ford will retool Kansas City's F-150 plant for 2021 models - Kansas City Business Journal

Ford Motor Co. soon will start implementing a phased, temporary shutdown of its F-150 production plants to retool for production of the new 2021 models. The F-150 is produced in Dearborn, Mich., and at its Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo, which employs about 6,600 people.

Summer Fashion Sizzles

Chantel Jeffries wows in black lingerie for Savage X Fenty shoot

Savage X Fenty ambassador Chantel Jeffries straddled the lens while modeling new pieces from Rihanna's two-year-old lingerie label for a steamy shoot on Monday. The 27-year-old DJ-vlogger flaunted her phenomenal 5ft5in figure in the bra brand's black caviar logo-print $24.95 'Cotton Essentials' bralette and matching $14.95 'Cotton Essentials' thong.

Like It Or Not: GOP United

Today's GOP 'Is Donald Trump's Party'

Ask any Republican strategist about the state of their party in 2020 and you'll get an answer something like this from GOP consultant Antonia Ferrier: "This is Donald Trump's party," she said, "and I don't think that should be much of a surprise."

Christian Swing Scandal Cont’d

Becki Falwell speaks out on affair allegations, denies Jerry liked to watch

Becki Falwell broke her silence Tuesday on allegations of an extramarital affair with a Miami pool attendant while denying claims that her husband, Jerry Falwell Jr., liked "to watch." Her comments come amid her husband's resignation as the head of Liberty University after a provocative photo and revelations of his wife's affair roiled the evangelical school.

Meet MAGA NextGen

Nick Sandmann puts on the MAGA hat saying he refuses to be 'canceled'

Nicholas Sandmann, 17, put on his 'Make America Great Again' hat while speaking during the second night of the Republican Convention Tuesday He said media attempted to 'cancel' him because he was wearing a 'MAGA' hat. 'My life changed forever in that one moment.

Crisis Of Faith?!?!

Susan Rice: 'Problematic' for Pompeo to be 'overtly religious' secretary of state

Former United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice said that it is "problematic" that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is "overtly religious." "Mike Pompeo has been an overtly religious secretary of state, which in itself is problematic because again he's supposed to represent all of America, all of our religions," Rice told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

Growing Kansas City

Gardening helps refugees find community in Northeast

Abby Hoover Managing Editor Urban gardening comes in many forms and has obvious benefits, but in Northeast, one group is using gardening to improve the mental health of refugees. Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) supports four community gardens in Northeast Kansas City through their Health and Wellness department, headed up by Global Gardens Coordinator Amy Ross.

Kansas City Friendliness Helps Us Survive COVID

'COVID Loneliness Squad' assembles to combat sadness of local seniors

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastating effects on the mental health of all people, especially seniors living alone or in nursing homes. Luckily, SYNERGY Homecare has put together a 'squad' of sorts to identify loneliness in elderly people and help them feel engaged and active.

Midweek Scorcher Awaits

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Another hot and humid one is on the way for your Wednesday. Mostly sunny skies and high temperatures near 94.

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Anonymous said...

T, I respect the effort but nice news in this dump might be a waste.

Anonymous said...

I back the blue but I'm getting tired of police always catering to the black communities. What about the white kids in the city? Has anyone gone and had a slurpee with them? It's obvious this is not working with the hatred blacks teach their kids. I've even seen them bring horses in on Truman road for the black kids to ride for free. I'll ask this question...with all of the pony rides free school supplies free slurpees and other out reach programs that the police have done. Has it worked? How about the pizza party Sly James put on that turned violent? Did that work? Look at what the Chief of police did for the blacks in Ferguson. His payback was Claire Mckaskill forced him to quit his job.

Anonymous said...


what a dumb ass comment. Do you really believe white kids were denied slurpees?

This is a wonderful comment because it reminds us what absolute idiots read this trash blog.

Good luck with life, please don't take any wooden nickles.

Anonymous said...

Bonobo boi pissed 'cause sistas got the fattest fleas this monin'.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me what ol' smug face Nick is being cancelled from? This kid and his family also just cashed in a fucking lawsuit. Cry me a fucking river.

I speak from experience, these kids were behaving like Catholic HS kids do, like a bunch of d-bags.

Anonymous said...

Ol' Cuck Falwell, watching his wife get banged by the poolboy. Freaky! When does the video show up on pornhub?

It's always the loudest morality leaders who are the freaks. The only reason they started talking about this is the additional details that are going to blow up any day now. I look forward to the good reverends repentance tour.

Anonymous said...

It's 'nickels.' If you'd ever owned one you might know that.

Anonymous said...

And why did they cash in? Because 'news' organizations were eager to create a completely false narrative and got busted.

Anonymous said...

"Becki Falwell speaks out on affair allegations, denies Jerry liked to watch"

And yet the photos Giancarlo provided Reuters say otherwise. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Ok great 10:41, what the fuck is this kid being cancelled from, as he so eloquently stated. From getting any pussy because he's a total fucking d-bag and the majority of the US knows it? From not getting into college? I mean what? What's the rub here or are we just making up grievances for the sake of having a grievance? It never fucking ends, always being wronged by someone, somewhere. Must suck ass to go through life always pissed at someone for something.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, he triggers you as much as he triggered the leftist media--again, huge settlement related to their mischaracterizstion of what happened on that day. It's a worthwhile reminder of just how crazily biased the media generally is.

And I am so glad we agree on grievance politics. Tell me, triggered one: does your good sense about grievance politics extend to the left, for whom it is the only platform? ;)

Bandit said...

Mainstream media 0
Conservative kid 1 + a shitload of cash resulting from their agenda driven horseshit


Anonymous said...

^^^^ As opposed to a platform of hatred, divisiveness and fear?
The right is in their usual state, having no accomplishments whatsoever to point to, so they are desperate to discover "enemies", resulting in a four year long litany of "our enemies keep us from doing a damn thing", poor baby victims.

Anonymous said...

I like the photo shot one minute later better, it showed Little Nicky Sandmann rolling on the ground bawling for Mommy and clutching his crotch, after the seventy-year old he was bullying kneed his testicles up next to his tonsils.

Bandit said...

The hatred, divisiveness and fear is 100% Demonrat. Go back and watch the convention that very few did. Hidin Biden outlined it his teleprompter speech.

Anonymous said...

Your fantasies are odd.

However, the young man is still rich because of the malfeasance of the partisan media. :)

Anonymous said...

Nah. You're confused. For the lack of accomplishments and platform, you should have watched the DNC convention--but don't feel bad, few did. The witch hunt against Trump is literally all the Dems cared about for the past four years. So spare us the lecture about desperation and enemies. ;)

For a breath of fresh air, watch the Republican convention--nothing but stories of hope and opportunity from minorities and immigrants.

Anonymous said...

^^Sorry, nobody's watching the RNC. Hell, Trump's not even watching it!

Anonymous said...

sandmann seems like a hero.

Bandit said...

Chimpytard is in a foul mood today. Wait until he finds out that I covered his favorite butt plug in hot sauce. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Bandit's hysterical squeal stems from his sudden discovery that he had mistakenly "hot sauced" the wrong butt plug.

Anonymous said...


When Chantel got hired as a dancer at the speedway gentleman's club, she quickly earned the inside pole position!!!

Anonymous said...

And the Lib “news networks” bit hard. I turned on CNN while Nick was speaking the other night. Talk about sucking a fat cock. They sat there and said nothing. 2 down 4 to go. Libs so anxious to spin their false narrative they are taking it up the ace. Love it!