Kansas City Furloughs Coming Soon

We reported this one at the start of the month . . . And now dead-tree media recently posted a reminder note. Meanwhile, there are more cuts on the way . . .

"A Kansas City Council committee voted Wednesday to require many city employees to take furloughs in varied lengths of time — the more money they make, the more unpaid time they’ll have to take.

"But those proposed cuts, as well as those the City Council already approved, aren’t enough to meet the goal of cutting $50 million this fiscal year, warned Acting City Manager Earnest Rouse."

Mayor & Council will make the final decision tomorrow . . .


  1. If you weren't painting potholes you could pay them Q Ball. Your priorities are really fucked up!

    black lives matter unless they work for KCMO

  2. ^^ Fascinating.

  3. Screw virtually every city employee for a paltry $2.2 million? I could find $2 mill in waste in 10 minutes. I’m curious how many of the Black Lives Don’t Matter OR did they carefully craft their exemptions so they only impact the white lives that clearly DON’T matter. And, they won’t even allow they to take their days 2-3 at a time so they can at least make a break out of it. COMPLETE and TOTAL INCOMPETENCE by this City Council.

  4. I could find 2 million plus in waste at KCI

  5. We need a state or federal audit!

  6. Nothing but mean spirited Black women being laid off.... usually they milking the clock and being mean to residents. I went to land bank one day, a lady whose name I believe began with an S was super shitty to me. I kept wondering why somebody would keep her on payroll. She was totally out of line and treated me terribly - telling me when and when she wasn’t going to help me. City workers are ridiculous.


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