Friday, August 14, 2020

Kansas City Friday Morning News Look

Right now we're inspired by hottie Cardi taking her Internets love to the next level as we review pop culture, community news and top headlines . . .

Kansas City Chiefs Take Fanboy Cash With Tech Help

Kansas City Chiefs Partner Using New Contactless Payment Tool At Arrowhead Stadium

Tappit technology will be used to enable mobile payments throughout Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, as part of a long-term deal, the company announced Thursday. Tappit is now the Chiefs' official mobile payment solution for the team's app.

Life Lesson Warning Amid High Risk For Fading Glory

Local doctors urge young athletes who've tested positive for COVID-19 to be cautious this fall

OLATHE, Kan. - With practices starting on Monday for some schools, athletes in Kansas are eagerly awaiting the start of the fall sports season. But doctors at the University of Kansas Health System are urging kids who've previously tested positive for COVID-19 to remain cautious even after recovering from the virus.

Cowtown COVID Showtime

Kansas City Movie Theaters Make Adjustments To Stay Afloat During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Local independent theaters are offering online rentals for films they would normally screen indoors. The Screenland Armour theater has started showing movies outdoors, and the Fine Arts Group is soliciting donations for the first time in their 38-year history.

Digital Hotness Payout

Cardi B celebrates the success of her new single WAP in New Zealand

Cardi B's raunchy new single WAP with Megan Thee Stallion is currently making waves all over the world. And one place where the song is doing exceptionally well is New Zealand. On Tuesday, Cardi, 27, responded to a fan account that tweeted that WAP could potentially debut at No.

Pollsters Read Minds

Fox News Poll: Voters pick Biden, yet more think their neighbors back Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is up 49-42 percent over President Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup, according to a national Fox News survey of registered voters. Nine percent are undecided or back a third-party candidate. Since March 2019, Trump's support has stayed between 38-42 percent, and Biden's lead has been outside the poll's margin of sampling error 16 times.

Congress Breaks Amid Crisis

Coronavirus relief stalemate could drag on for weeks

An impasse over the next round of coronavirus aid will likely drag into the weekend after Democrats and Republicans described themselves as hopelessly far apart on a deal to combat raging economic and health-care crises. Leaders in Washington followed a familiar script Thursday. They indicated the sides have made no progress toward an agreement.

Big Bucks Bolster Biden

Biden campaign raises $48 million in 48 hours after naming Kamala Harris as VP choice

(Reuters) - The campaign of Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden has raised $48 million in the 48 hours since he named U.S. Senator Kamala Harris the Democratic vice presidential nominee, a campaign spokesman told Reuters late on Thursday.

Global Democracy Fades

'Widespread torture' against Belarus protesters

Human rights activists and monitors say there is growing evidence of police brutality against people who have been detained in Belarus as protests over the disputed election continue. Some of the 6,700 people detained since Sunday have been released and allege mistreatment, including beatings. Amnesty International said the accounts suggested "widespread torture".

Plea For Polar Bears

Last decade was Earth's hottest on record as climate crisis accelerates

The past decade was the hottest ever recorded globally, with 2019 either the second or third warmest year on record, as the climate crisis accelerated temperatures upwards worldwide, scientists have confirmed. Every decade since 1980 has been warmer than the preceding decade, with the period between 2010 and 2019 the hottest yet since worldwide temperature records began in the 19th century.

Troost Foodie Comeback

Backers of The Combine Restaurant Have Appetite for Revival on Troost

The Combine, a new restaurant opening at 30th and Troost late next month, is not only a joint business venture, but its owners envision it as a place to bring people together along Kansas City's longtime racial divide.

Hipsters Share Plans

Weekend Possibilities | Weston Wine's Harry Potter Weekend, 816 Day, And More

Plenty of outdoor activities await anyone who is eager to get out and about despite mid-August temperatures in Kansas City. Just keep that mask on. 6 p.m. Sign up to see the historic 18th & Vine District up close and personal with the Be Bop and Beyond Walking Tour by the Kansas City Tour Company.

Summer Weekend Sneak Peek

Another warm & humid day ahead with the morning rain staying out west

The warm and humid summer weather continues with highs in the mid to upper 80s through the end of the week Isolated chance for a shower today with the majority of the heavy rain staying west A cold front will move through Saturday afternoon sparking a few thunderstorms Cooler air will settle in by early next week KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Thursday: A blend of sun and clouds today.

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Anonymous said...

The Fox4 Poll is easy to understand, most normal people prefer Biden, but also think their neighbors are disgusting, so they think, naturally, that their neighbors prefer Trump.

Nasty is as nasty does!
As ye sow, so shall ye reap!

Charlie Horse said...

Conceal carry if you're going to the 18th & Vine festivities. Judicial marksmanship always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Cardi B is a candidate for a penicillin bath. She is not a hotty by any standard known to man.

Clayton Bigsby said...

+ 1000000000000000,another fine example of why blacks are their own worst enemy

Anonymous said...

Cardi B is a fucking skankass ho!

Anonymous said...

Kamala "I Slept My Way to the Top" Harris was for sanctuary illegal alien laws that allowed Kate Steinle's killer -- and many others -- to be on the loose and kill innocent Americans. Amazing that a lot of people are blind enough to hand over their money to Basement Bunker Biden.

Bandit said...

The Kamala Ferraro tree

Anonymous said...

Sticks and stones may break my bones... but schoolyard bully name calling has become the only Republican tactic when there are no facts to support their "arguments".

True from the very Top to the bottom feeders.

Anonymous said...

Because the left has NEVER stooped low to insult Trump you guys!

How's your other brain cell doing this morning?

Anonymous said...

8:19 being a prime example of a bottom feeder.

Bandit said...

8:20 is a pajama wearing, mommy's basement dwelling, unemployed, spiteful, boomer hating millennial with mommy issues.

Anonymous said...

He owns you, and you can't stand it. Lol

Bandit said...

I could care less. I'm living in his head rent free and he can't evict me LMAO

Anonymous said...

So are we LOAU Bandit, especially as THERE IS NO POST @8:20!
But guess who we're laughing at!

Anonymous said...

@9:03, we can also remember the eight years of the Obama Administration, and all the fun you folks in the Tinfoil Hat Brigade had, especially the maniac pushing that "Birther" horseshit! You clowns called Obama "everything but a white man"!

Remember, "as ye sow, so shall you reap"!

Bandit said...

BFD. Typo. I could care less. Most others do the same. The blog is full of them. Shit happens. Next?

Anonymous said...

Bandit,one of those words that come from a people of color, the wanna be nazi lives his whites only life in his own mind, unable to understand that the Christ was black, even though the child molesting priest told him different. A fake life for sure.

Bandit said...

Thank you. That retarded gibberish puts you back on iggy. My give a damn and English to dumbfuck translator are broken, and the parts are on back order.

You may now resume trolling and stalking. Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

FFS Bandit, it's COULDN'T care less. As in, man, I care so little, I could not care any less than that. Make sense, dumbfuck boomer?

Skeedaddle back to the basement and tee up Alex Jones or something.

Anonymous said...


Why do liberals love Cardi B?

Woman of color
Daughter of immigrants
Uneducated and can't speak clearly
From the Democrat hellhole of NYC
Former stripper
Currently uses her sexuality to make a living
Doesn't use her real name of Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar
Claims gang membership in the Bloods as a teen
Heavily promoted in pornographic music videos to corrupt American youth
She'll probably be invited to speak at the Democratic convention!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny to watch him clown-suit you all day, and watch your feeble attempts to reply. Keep it up stalker! Lol

Anonymous said...

Please people, Do Not! respond to Bandit. If so, you're a stalker.

PSA over.

Let him post his stupid ass diatribes in peace without judgement.

Bandit said...

Joe and he ho!

Bandit said...

Gotta love them libtards. They tell you a bunch about who they are by their accusations because it is usually what they are guilty of or what they want from you.

Anonymous said...

1:21: Baby Burt is not young enough to be a boomer.

Anonymous said...

Damn, @1:29 - almost sounds like you're describing Sarah Palin!
You remember her, the $5 Bar Whore who sucked her way up Republican ranks to a VP nomination?

Know throughout her Home State of Alaska as the cheapest hooker with the most calloused knees in town? Screwed anything and everything that could advance her "career"?

And you Trumpsters have the gall, after nominating and still paying any attention at all to that worn out old Whore to criticize Kamala Harris?

Bandit said...

was never a Palin fan but 4:40 sure sounds like he's jealous. Not sure he realizes that she lost. People don't vote for VP no matter how lame the Prez candidate is.

ishhu said...