Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Kansas City Faith Blogger Contemplates International Politics And Sacred Spaces

Actually, this note hits home inasmuch as politics sanctions what we can honor in public and that is always in flux . . . Accordingly, this local newsman blogger shares his insight on this debate across the globe.


Misusing religion in India and Turkey

What people consider sacred space should be, but often isn't, protected. As people fight over it, as they're doing now in both India and Turkey (and no doubt in many other places), it's important to remember that such spaces are...


Anonymous said...

I heard this guy was an atheist, from the way he let that Russian immigrant atheist attack Christians ruthlessly. I am wondering if that had anything with him leaving his Kansas City Star gig?

Anonymous said...

^^who cares if it did? Nobody. Go find something else to worry about Boomer.

Anonymous said...


Q: What do you get when combining a Turkey, an Indian, and a judgmental homosexual secularist?

A: A fowl tandoori chicken hawk!!!

George Carlin said...

Did it ever occur to you "God people" that ever since you were crapping in your diapers, someone, usually your parents, were grabbing your arm and hauling you off somewhere to hear some preacher, priest, rabbi, imam fill you with nonsense about an invisible sky man, before you ever had a chance to REASON for yourselves?

Why did they do that? Because that's what they experienced.

You did not LEARN about God! You were (are still being) TOLD YOU HAD TO BELIEVE IN the sky man's existence.

Depending on your locale, you would now be worshiping Allah (Quran), Christ (Bible), Buddah (Sutras) with the same fervor, insisting that was the only way.

Have a little courage and take a minute to consider that. Look around and see if you really perceive EVIDENCE of an invisible, compassionate, all powerful being who really cares and thinks about YOU as an individual.

Don't start quoting bible versus written by folks who had no idea about the immensity of the universe, and mostly thought the Earth was flat and the sun revolved around it and, at the speed of light, (around 186,500 mph) it would take about 100,000 years JUST TO CROSS OUR MILKYWAY GALAXY (among millions or trillions of other galaxies). Instead THINK. That is NOT A SIN. You've been told it is, but IT IS NOT.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t this clown say he would not blog anymore?
What an ego!
While I don’t read him - ever time I see faith based blogger I know it is old old geriatric Bill.
What would possess someone to keep writing about stuff that people would read for pay or free?
His old newspaper is bankrupt due to liberal mismanagement- just like liberal Chicago, High crime NYC, Portland, Seattle, the list goes on and on.

Liberals lost and the best they can do is old old geriatric Joe Biden?

Keep writing if it stokes your ego Bill... no one is listening and as we know about Biden.. no one is home. Hope you both can stay awake to listen to the most boring YouTube commercial ever... also known as the DNC.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and yet you haven't yet figured out he changed his mind and you still read his blog, which makes you weirdly retarded.