Sunday, August 30, 2020

Kansas City Faith Blogger Confronts Racism

Interesting Sunday read from Newsman Bill Tammeus offers inspiration for believers battling for social justice.

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Reckoning With Racism in Our Own Congregations

I won the genetic lottery. I was born to a middle-class white family in the middle of the 20th Century in the middle of the United States (Woodstock, Illinois). And I turned out to be taller than middling (nearly 6 feet 4 inches).


Anonymous said...

Bill can't see it but he is a racist bigot can see it in his attacks on Israel and Catholics. (Which are preserved in his blog archives.) Notice how leftists like Bill are always accusing others of what they are doing themselves?

chuck said...

A phony almost as tall and as corrupt as Jim Comey with as usual, only one club in the bag - "RACISM"!!!!!

Really original and insightful Bill.

Guilt Trip - check
Misinformation - check
Ex Post Facto Convictions for newly minted Mortal Sins in 2020 that, of course, we are ALL guilty of by way of the color of our white skin. - check
Obscene, grotesque lies about the non existent ubiquity of "White Supremacy". - check
A verdict of "Guilty" in the murder trial of a cop who has not been convicted of murder, as usual, "guilty until proven innocent". - check
"Indigenous People Guilt" - check

All of the Mexicans need to move back to Spain and Portugal and give back the land to the Aztecs and Mayans etc.

Those poor Sioux Indians who bitched so much about Trump at Mt. Rushmore (They were only there 100 years) need to move out and let the Cherokee complain because they were there first- oh, no..., that's right, there were countless other tribes of Native Americans there before that. LETS BREAK OUT THE 23 AND ME and get to work figuring out if actually there were Cro-Magnon "White Supremacists" there first.

The usual victimization claptrap masquerading as a world wide invite to ethnomsochistic self flagellation - reserved ONLY for white boys.

STFU and sell everything you own, quit whining to us and give it to first minority you see you hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

BTW, 8% of the world's population is white, we ARE the minority.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about what this guy has to say he doesn't make sense. He reminds me of that Dr. Minelli who was an idiot that spewed nonsense years ago.

Anonymous said...

Allah is a racist. He only sucks white goat dick.

Charlie Horse said...

^^^ And fondles little kids like Old Joe.

Anonymous said...

Tammaeus is a key player in persecuting traditional Presbyterian Churches as they fled the dying Presbyterian Church USA. He hates them. Calls them bigots. He was a big part in trying to suppress those who did not share his rainbow brite theology. He is actually evil pretending to be Mr Rogers. I have personal knowledge about all this and him. There is little actual Christian love he pretends to have. He's a hater.

Anonymous said...


"I won the genetic lottery. I was born to a middle-class white family in the middle of the 20th Century in the middle of the United States (Woodstock, Illinois). And I turned out to be taller than middling (nearly 6 feet 4 inches)."

In the above passage, Tammeus inadvertently reveals not only his racism (really White superiority) but also his prejudice against the vertically-challenged. Talk about coming up short!

The worst part of this essay (so hard to choose) is merely the fact that Bill Tammeus is a 75-year-old white ambiguously-gay man who feels compelled to publicly hoist himself upon the currently trendy BLM bandwagon, ride through town flagellating himself with a velvet whip, before retiring to his Whites-Only social institutions for a potluck meal of fried chicken (white-meat only), white bread, kale salad, and tea.

His words must placate his soul, but everyone else sees them for what they are...hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone REALLY believe all this crap?

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I await his excusing the genocide of the Hutus and Tutsis
But since they were not white, Bill just doesn’t seem to be able to find any outrage

Anonymous said...

he's said all he had to say by now.

Anonymous said...

he's a nut.

Anonymous said...

when did that church go radical? it used to be a nice church with solid citizen members.

Anonymous said...

Tammeus is not Mr. Rogers.

Rogers was a musically-talented scion of wealth.

Anonymous said...

This guy is the biggest phoney in the world. Church attendance must be down and he needs a few
more dollars for his new limo.