Saturday, August 29, 2020

Kansas City Eviction Nightmare Coming Soon

Update and another perspective on THE COVID DEPRESSION that continues in Kansas City and across the nation. Read more:

Millions of US Renters Face Eviction

Tiana Caldwell of Kansas City, Missouri is one of millions of Americans who face being moved out of their homes by the end of the year. This kind of forced removal is a result of the economic problems and job losses caused by the coronavirus outbreak.


Anonymous said...


Give thanks to Mayor Quagmire and TV pretend-Dr. Archer for hurting more KCMO residents than the actual coronavirus!

Anonymous said...

This is when smart people would begin to understand that having savings is a survival strategy. Instead of buying Big Gulps and candy bars and beer along with the bongs and blunts, they might actually have some money to pay the rent.

Anonymous said...

I have three Jackson County judgments in my favor for evictions this upcoming week. I knew they wouldn't show up for their court appearances and default. I'm buying doughnuts and coffee for the cops that have to come and evict the deadbeats living in my properties. One tenant had three occupants each earning $600 a week in extended, Corona virus relief, which is $5400 a month, and they couldn't pay rent. Hope they have to live on the street now.