Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Kansas City Eco-Devo Vs. Public Schools

Money fight betwixt two factions that regularly siphon a great deal of taxpayer cash and almost never live up to promises . . . Read more:

One Year Of Development Tax Breaks Cost Kansas City Public Schools $28 Million

Tax incentives cost Kansas City Public Schools roughly $1,200 per student. "Incentives are done to us, not with us," district representative Shannon Jaax said. "Projects come to us late, when we haven't had a seat at the table."


Anonymous said...

They would’ve wasted it anyway, I say they their entire budget in half and force them to get accreditation or shut them down forever. Time to prove their worth it, sink or swim.

Anonymous said...

^^well thankfully NOBODY listens to trash TKC posters so nothing you said matters.

Bandit said...

They would have produced the same shitty results with the money.

Anonymous said...

Funny that they don’t mention that they spend more per student than any surrounding district. How much do they pay Jaxx to whine? Why not hire better teachers with the money instead of consultants and office staff?