Kansas City East Side Against Higher Taxes

Don't sleep on this news links . . . It's an important sign of resident frustration with the spike in local levies amid rising coronavirus costs . . . Checkit:

Council kills plan for CID at 18th and Vine after pushback from residents, businesses

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's back to the drawing board for the historic 18th & Vine District. For months, community leaders have been working toward implementing a community improvement district. However, while some property and business owners wanted to move forward, they didn't want it this way.


  1. Should put a jail there. Plenty of Gangsta murderers lurking in that area. Not much more than that.

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  3. ^^^^ Sorry, but what you described sounds really fun!

  4. Barney Fife8/6/20, 4:27 AM

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  5. Gawd! We pay the Black tax, inflated property taxes by the Black, racist (against her own people) Assessor and Black this and that fees. With millions (and entering the billion dollar mark) taxpayer resources have been used to restore the area and it still looks like shit. Maybe this district can’t survive on its own. And there is nothing historic about the area - all new, poorly designed buildings don’t make this area historic. The City has destroyed or let decay nearly everything that was historic about the area. Give us a break!


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