Friday, August 14, 2020


Last weekend Kansas City endured a tragic murder spree despite an effort to thwart local crime. Recently, an arrest of a suspect accused in the horriific killing of a youngster earned mention from Prez Trump and that has incited even more debate over a federal law enforcement crackdown.

Accordingly, we compile a bevy of links and resources to better inform locals about the continued threat of deadly violent crime and the politics ensnaring the discussion.

LeGend's Mother Shares Powerful Message Against Spate Of Kansas City Killing

After charges, mom of murdered 4-year-old calls for KC to stand up against violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The mother of a 4-year-old boy murdered while sleeping in June is calling on the community to take a stand against gun violence. Charron Powell and her family breathed a sigh of relief, as the suspect in the death of her son, LeGend Taliferro, was charged and taken into custody Thursday morning.

Local Perspective Provides Operation Legend Context

Statement from U.S. Attorney Tim Garrison Operation LeGend

U.S. Attorney Tim Garrison participated in a press conference today with Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker (center) and Charron Powell, the mother of LeGend Taliferro, to announce state charges in the fatal shooting of LeGend. KANSAS CITY, Mo. - U.S.

Nation’s Paper Of Record Documents Arrest Of Suspect

Man Charged With Murdering 4-Year-Old Whose Killing Prompted U.S. Anti-Crime Operation

The Justice Department last month named an operation to combat violent crime in cities after LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed while he slept in an apartment in Kansas City, Mo.

Politics Of Law Enforcement Crackdown Exposed

'We're Pawns In This Game.' Mayors Worry Trump's Operation Legend Is More About Politics Than Law Enforcement

Mayors say the rollout of Operation Legend has been chaotic, hampered by politics and had little impact so far on the ground.

Local Preacher Pleads For Help

Search for missing Kansas mother of 3 shifts to Mississippi River after husband's heartbreaking plea

Volunteer boaters in Memphis, Tenn., began canvassing the Mississippi River early Thursday in the latest search effort to find a missing mother of three who left Kansas on a solo road trip nearly two weeks ago. The search for 36-year-old Marilane Carter would rely on volunteer boaters for sonar and software mapping near Mud Island.

Witness Kansas City Deadly Family Drama Slice Of Life

Woman's daughter charged in connection with her death

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) - A 20-year-old woman is now facing charges after her mother was found stabbed to death in her own home on Sunday. Alina M. Bell has been charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action.

KCMO Shooter Suspect Charged

Man charged in Tuesday night shooting outside Research Medical Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man is charged with shooting a woman as she walked her dogs Tuesday night near Research Medical Center. Aaron Collier, 23, of Kansas City, Missouri, is charged in Jackson County Court with first degree assault, two counts of armed criminal action and stealing.

JoCo Body Cam Review

Video of Overland Park shooting shows what officers 'deal with every day,' chief says

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe announced Thursday that a deadly police shooting May 3 was justified. Overland Park Officer Mike Mosher has often been described as a cop's cop. He protected the community whether on or off duty, and many say that was evident May 3.

Police Car Crook Captured

Suspect arrested in stolen Oakview police vehicle

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It hardly seems like a wise plan, but some people have to learn the hard way. One person was arrested Thursday night in a parking lot near North Oak Trafficway and Northeast Shady Lane Drive in Gladstone after stealing a police vehicle in Oakview.

Fatal Zoo Shooting Postscript

Operation LeGend: Suspect in accidental KC Zoo shooting charged in federal court

Federal charges have been filed against a 27-year-old Kansas City, Missouri man in connection with the accidental shooting in a vehicle in the Kansas City Zoo parking lot last weekend.According to a release from the Western District of Missouri U.S. Attorney's Office, Anthony R.

Kansas City Tipsters Step Up!!!

KC Crime Stoppers seeing increase in tips

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, is on track to break a record for homicides, and one mom is urging people to report what they know to the TIPS Hotline. Aishah Coppage's son Montell and nephew Jayden were murdered Aug. 13, 2016, and no one has been caught for the crime.

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Problem Solved said...

Quick trial. If guilty, death by firing squad.

Anonymous said...

Naw, just beaten to deal with a toilet lid in the prison bathroom. Like what happened to Jeffrey Dahmar.

Anonymous said...

Bring in the US Army with F14 planes flying over the Urban core.

Bandit said...

Tactic nuclear strike is still the most effective option. Would solve the pothole problem too.

Anonymous said...

Where's the big front page story in the KC Red Star about the arrest of the alleged killer because of the great teamwork between the Feds and KCPD and the huge success of Operation Legend?

Anonymous said...

how often does a cell phone ping? though it's been years i have traversed the route from n.arkansas thru jonesboro to the west side of memphis. with ample fuel in the tank there's to reason to stop in memphis. hwy 555 then hwy 55 south easily by passing memphis.

just tryin to get an idea of cell phone ping timewise. i'm thinking maybes she's a little farther south on 55, or was.

Anonymous said...

@8:03 as well as providing additional greenspace (what we apparently needed when Barnes and her cronies stole KCIR). Visit crater park and our new lake. Win-win

Anonymous said...

White 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant was executed in front of his sisters for accidentally riding his bike on the lawn of black neighbor Darius Sessoms in Wilson, North Carolina. CNN, MSNBC and much of the national media haven’t even covered it.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE notice that with the information now made public, this child homicide could have been solved within a couple of days if not sooner.

The child's family (certainly the father) knew who was targeting them for revenge because he had participated in the previous confrontation with Ellis (the shooter). Lots of people were in the loop about the infighting between the 2 families.

Yet, the case dragged on and on, and the federal government had to get involved before the case was solved. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? To imply that blacks are anything but victims of colonialism and racist statues is heresy! Report to the re-education camp for diversity education.

Anonymous said...

Actually, no. It would create a bigger pothole.

President Kamala said...

I wonder if there are

a few



very many

black folks who realize this BLM bullshit and victim-hood has set back civil rights & racial equality efforts at least 10 years, maybe 20, perhaps even bringing civil war within the realm of the possible?

Retro ROCKER said...

Is Mayor QUINT.A PUPPET OF A FAR LEFT AGENDA.That would not like Law,and Order. Maybe they are Dealing in criminal activity. Many Red moon's ago the Democrats had some common sense. The Mayor has turned Kansas City into a BANANA REPUBLIC.

Anonymous said...

And the local Democrats cried out against the federal help, lied about it, covered up for the way the Feds came in as if asking for help was wrong...

Democrats profit from minorities being killed.

Anonymous said...

Fabian Socialists know how unpalatable starvation and a police state are. So communism won't be chosen. And even if people did want it, the Republic stands against pure democracy (rule by the mob)

So they're trying to instigate a civil war to bring in their utopia.

Read up on the Fabians.

Bandit said...

Retro ROCKER Kansas Shitty IS a banana republic. They just haven't admitted it yet.