Friday, August 28, 2020

Kansas City Crime Scene Friday Scene

We share this quick roundup of recent stories on local allegations, police action and court decisions as the entire metro prays for cooler heads to prevail on this last weekend of August.

Kansas City Police Fact Check Newspaper On Numbers Game

Kansas City Police Department says violent crime decreased since start of Operation LeGend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department said Tuesday that violent crime decreased since Operation LeGend - the federal task force created to address violent crime - began on July 8. "While we can't say Operation LeGend is the cause of this decrease, there's certainly a correlation," KCPD Chief Richard Smith said.

More Deets On Shooter Suspect And Disguised Killing

First-degree murder charges announced in Westwood's only recorded homicide

Johnson County District Attorney Stephen M. Howe announced murder charges Thursday in the fatal shooting of a 68-year-old grandfather who was shot at a grocery store in Westwood, Kansas, in 2003.Howe said Eugene Clayton Keltner, 40, faces first-degree murder charges in the Aug.

Justice After All

Court panel allows federal execution of Pamela Butler's killer

WASHINGTON - A panel of federal appeals court judges is letting the U.S. government proceed with the planned execution of a man who kidnapped, raped and killed a 10-year-old Kansas City, Kansas girl. The three-judge panel of the U.S.

Feds Solve Local Crash

3 men charged in carjacking, high-speed chase that ended in fatal crash

Three Kansas City men have been charged in federal court in connection with a carjacking Monday night that led to a high-speed chase and fatal crash.Derrell M. Wade, also known as Derrelle, 19, Curtis R. Daniels, 18, and Michael A. Brown, 18, were charged in a two-count complaint filed in the U.S.

Double Killing Postscript

KC police identify two victims in deadly East Bottoms shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police have identified the two men shot and killed in the city's East Bottoms on Tuesday night, August 25. On Wednesday, police announced Jahmiere Green, 18, and Brandon Rainey, 22, were shot inside a gray Honda Accord near N. Montgall and Guinotte Avenues.

Police Respond To Crash

Pedestrian hit by car Thursday afternoon in Kansas City

Kansas City police are investigating after a pedestrian was hit by a car Thursday afternoon.Police were called at 4:40 p.m. to Independence and Indiana avenues.Accident investigators said a silver Hyundai was heading west on Independence Avenue. A pedestrian was on the north side of the street, crossing to the south.

Mayor Q Talks Crime, Again

How Mayors Are Handling The Crises Facing Their Cities

We'll talk to two mayors about the challenges they face in running their cities now. Amid protests for racial justice, the global pandemic, and surging unemployment rates, we'll discuss the way forward at the local level. Guests Quinton Lucas, Democratic mayor of Kansas City, Missouri since 2019.

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Anonymous said...

Better title for you T,

"hoping bloody august doesn't got out with a bang."

Bandit said...

Now if they could just be allowed to do something about that pesky homicide rate. Hmmmmm......

Anonymous said...

Have you not heard of Operation Legend?

Bandit said...

Bullshit to English translation of 8:44: "I'm completely ignorant of the fact that Operation Legend is here to go after those on federal charges not run of the mill street thugs shooting each other but I'll still act like I'm the smartest person in the room anyway so there!"

Anonymous said...

Operation legend has been a stunning failure. they have failed to slow the murders at all! Another failed Trump policy. Everything he touches dies.

Bandit said...

Bullshit to English translation of 9:35: "I don't like the feds here snatching my comrades off the street! NOT FAIR!!!"

Anonymous said...

^^Lives in your head. Rent-free. Always. The shinebox? You should get it now.

Anonymous said...

" the entire metro prays for cooler heads to prevail on this last weekend of August."

Uh, who is praying? I hope it continues. Keep it up in Kenosha. Starving people in Minneapolis are breaking into Saks so they can feed their children right now. Riot wherever. Keep going. Another Wisconsin Electoral College win for Trump, and maybe Minnesota too. Every car burned, every store looted, every window smashed, every cop bricked brings thousands of voters to Trump. When he wins in November, we can ignore Antifa for another three years until Trump Jr. or Kristi Noem win the election in 2024.

Anonymous said...

The stated purpose of Operation LeGend is to help solve homicides that HAVE ALREADY BEEN COMMITTED.
And with that in mind, the operation has already been very successful in getting both thugs and illegal weapons off the streets in KCMO.
Even more important, those arrested will be charged in federal court, so incompetent SJWs like Peters-Baker won't be able to either blow the case or let them back on the streets with a wrist slap.
Meanwhile, what passes for leadership in KCMO government and the black community continues to repeat the same old tired mantras, waste millions on failed "anti-crime" nonprofits, and make demands of the people who are actually working to make neighborhoods safer.
It's too bad the feds can't stay permanently.

Bandit said...

Bullshit to English translation of 10:02: "I can't make anything but spam posts now! CHIMPYTARD WANT FLEAS FROM MOMMY'S BUTT! HUNGRY!!!"

Anonymous said...

^^We own you. Continue your monkey shines for us. Dance we said, dance!

Bandit said...

Oh boy does the spammer not like his tactics being used on him! 🤣

Anonymous said...

^^and you continue to dance for us monkey!! Do more! Do more!

Anonymous said...

But Chimpy! You're the only monkey here! Lol Nice try though!;)

Anonymous said...

it never occurred to me that a white person could of committed the grocery store shooting - i presumed a black person. shame on me.

Anonymous said...

Implicit bias. They have workshops for that. Ask HR.

Anonymous said...

Did you google it?

Anonymous said...

But a good answer. I give you that.