Thursday, August 13, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus Testing Interrupted Amid Cash Crunch

Money probs and slow political reaction put pandemic response on hold for more than a week . . . Read more:

Kansas City Health Department to temporarily pause COVID-19 testing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department will temporarily suspend COVID-19 testing next week to reorganize its strategy after hiring more staff now that CARES Act funding has been approved by the Jackson County Legislature. The pause will be in effect for one week and testing will resume Aug. 24


Anonymous said...

Good, this has been nothing but a waste anyway. There have been many tests that have been both negative and positive on the same person. There was even a positive test result sent to a man that never even took the test. So it's a huge waste of money unless someone is so sick they are at the hospital or Dr. office. Maybe if Dr Fouci and WHO can get it together someday then maybe their won't be so much wasted money and foolishness.

Bandit said...

All this crap has been is panicdemic busywork. Their accuracy is beyond questionable,

Anonymous said...

Ya ya that’s the ticket! Did the mayor already spend that money on “other things”? Didn’t the fake dr Rex archer have the last six months to make sure we didn’t run out of testing supplies, ppe and whatever else we needed to keep the people safe?

Sure sounds like a big fat lie to me, that money went someplace else, the citizens don’t matter, political futures, the masters of the dimwit party and the developers matter the most.

Sorry sucka’s, you’re expendable and don’t matter to qball in someone’s side pocket.

That’s probably what they call us, expendables, I think I’m gonna get T-shirt’s made that say I’m expendable!