Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Kansas City Convention Hotel Hosts 'Wellness' Podcast Debut Whilst Taking Coronavirus Precautions

For those of us who can't tell our "root chakra" from a hole in the ground . . . The self-help jargon might be hard to follow.

However, a quick peek at the socials offers us a glimpse at this Kansas City Internets guru stepping up her game.

Here's the pitch:

"The SeraPhiend Podcast is inspired by duality and intersectionality. It bears the question of how one person can maintain their authenticity while being pulled in one hundred different directions?"

Accordingly, take a peek at promo video that features the new Kansas City $300-MILLION convention hotel playing host to the local beautiful people as the party amid the pandemic . . .

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...



"The Seraphiend Podcast is inspired by duality and intersectionality. It bears the question of how can one person maintain their authenticity while being pulled in a hundred different directions? Do our decisions to "play on more than one side" upend out authenticity? Following the tragic death of George Floyd and against the backdrop of a country in the middle of a global health pandemic, host Seraphine Arrocha was inspired to hold candid and often difficult conversations with people who are learning to navigate the new normal as they continue to attempt to carry on with their everyday lives."

If you don't recognize the above, flawed grammar and all, as utter nonsense, then you deserve what "she's" offering. What are some signs that you're being recruited into a cult of personality? The "Dear Leader" is a plastic surgery addict, asks everyone to wear coordinated white outfits, is constantly striking poses for her imaginary fashion photographers, speaks fluent New Age gibberish without saying anything meaningful, targets a minority group, and positions herself as Chief Guru!!!

SERAPHINE D NAEYMI, formerly of New York City, is a 40-something one time B-list actress known for Pep Squad (1998). Hint: You've never heard of it.
She moves and changes her name so often that the post office can't keep up with her.

Anonymous said...

^^Blah blah blah

CHUD said...

Gee, I'm gonna have to pass on the podcast. Too busy with CHUD work.

Chimpy, right down your bonobo alley. Please watch and provide us a comprehensive review.

Anonymous said...

^^You keep watching. You're his biggest fan. He resides in your head rent-free after all.