Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Kansas City Considers CID Future

Actually, this is just another rigged survey from a special interest group to promote more taxes for basic city services that aren't being fulfilled . . . Read more:

City seeks feedback on Community Improvement Districts

The City of Kansas City, Missouri, is looking at ways to improve policy related to Community Improvement Districts and wants to hear from you. "Community Improvement District (CIDs) are designed to help improve the community by bettering conditions for existing businesses and attracting new growth," said Beth Breitenstein, public information officer for City Planning and Development.


Anonymous said...

You can start by getting a new mayor and city council who isn't racist and not only encourages riots but takes part in them. You can also take the money that was paid by the tax payers and do what you clowns said you were going to do and fix and repair sidewalks streets and other infrastructure instead of painting communist gang graffiti on the streets. You can start by making KC a safe city instead of letting criminals spray paint graffiti all over everything and go shopping for free while stores are closed You can start by forgetting about stupid things like how you are going to spend tax dollars on erasing names and things just because you don't like them. You have a bat shit crazy radical mayor running the city do something about him or suck up the consequences.

BTW boycott Helzberg they encourage this crap too which is funny because they support the very people who broke into their store during the riots.

Anonymous said...

You want feedback on CIDs? OK why is the city helping businesses or landlords defraud those who buy product in a CID? The city is simply enabling a business to do what would be illegal for them to do otherwise.

Hyperblogal said...

The Mo State Auditor doesn't like them... that's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Some CIDs do good work. CID pays to keeps River Market and CBD trash free. Some are just tax breaks for property owners like The Landing on Troost.