Kansas City Chiefs Valued At BILLIONS But Football Team Still Earns Taxpayer Freebies

Before we get all high and mighty about that 600 bucks grandma needs to buy groceries . . . Here's a better look at taxpayer funded welfare in action:

KC Chiefs news: Forbes lists franchise at $2.3 billion

The annual list of valuations for sports franchises is out from Forbes Magazine, and the Kansas City Chiefs have ended up at No. 45 overall. Last year, the Chiefs were ranked at No. 47 overall, so it's good for Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and his family that they are now worth even more money.


Anonymous said…
And yet, billionaire Clark Hunt's multi-millionaire players will take a knee during the national anthem to disrespect the country that provided them fame and fortune.

If Hunt and the Chiefs were truly concerned about black lives, they would not coerce Jackson County to divert $250 million in property taxes to Arrowhead Stadium but rather allow the funds to be used for inner city schools, street and sewer repairs that property taxes are truly intended.

Hunt's Chiefs receive $8 million annually to maintain Arrowhead Stadium so Hunt can turn around and bill taxpayers $60 to park in the parking lots the taxpayers paid for, plus $100 a ticket, and $10 for a Coke.

Anonymous said…
^^and yet nobody of any consequence or substance cares if they take a knee, or how much the Chiefs are worth. That's a geriatric-fucktard thing. The rest of the world moved on. Weird.
Anonymous said…
7:54 is dead on the money

8:15 as always still a clueless idiot. Weird.
Anonymous said…
^^and yet he managed to knock the fuck out you. Super weird.