Kansas City Bus Drivers Catch COVID

Important documentation of the pandemic is spreading by way of public transit. Read more:

RideKC confirms four bus operators test positive for COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - RideKC announced on Tuesday four bus operators tested positive for COVID-19. RideKC said the operators drove a bus between from August 7 to August 18. Click here see the routes and times. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, passengers are required to wear masks while waiting at the bus stop [...]


  1. Imagine that on public transportation! Shocking!

  2. NEWSFLASH!!!!

    Testing positive for COVID-19? WTF? The media doesn't even understand the terminology being used incorrectly.

    The virus which POTENTIALLY can lead to a set of reactions within the body, manifesting as what's termed COVID-19, is a specific coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory system reaction with common symptoms like cough, fever, respiratory distress.

    You're going to die!
    That you have any symptoms bothering you.
    That you were even aware that you'd been exposed to the virus.
    That you need to change your normal daily routine.
    That you need to quarantine yourself.
    Only those with symptoms which can't be self-treated at home need to seek medical care. This is a small group of people, primarily the elderly, immuno-compromised, existing poor health, etc.
    The above being said, if you've tested positive (why were you even tested in the first place?) you should attempt to limit your contact with the susceptible populations listed above.


  3. But it's O.K. to go to a ball game and tailgate. Can't wait to see how many cases happen this fall with that. I'll bet it is going to be zero. Imagine that.

  4. AND YET it won't be zero. Weird.

  5. KCATA decision to make buses fare-free during this pandemic is dumbest decision possible. exposes drivers to those who are just street people looking to get out of elements.

    makes buses very unusable for working people, especially as they are on a saturday schedule many routes,

    KCATA being run like another stupid eco demo org, as bad as the port authority.. wasting money. asleep board. no oversight.


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