Kansas City Anti-Racism Training Day

Actually, this service might prove valuable given that INEVITABLE workplace disputes often arise and evoke culture war rhetoric. Consider this the cost of doing biz:

KC business offers crash course in anti-racism

Studio 5400 at 55th Street and Troost Avenue started out as an art, dance and yoga studio. But it has expanded its curriculum to include anti-racist training.The owner, Dr. Auburn Ellis, called it a three-hour crash course."I think that if I had launched an anti-racism crash course a year ago, there would have been no participants, even six months ago, there would have been no participants.


  1. $50 for a course for White people on how to kiss black ass. Plus, good opportunity to get your car broken into on Troost.

  2. This stuff is so fucking stupid.

    Does this trainer think we are a bunch of 2nd graders and cannot observe with our own eyes the homicides and crime within her community.

    Since she is a trainer why doesn't she teach the black community about birth control, fatherhood, education, respect for law enforcement the futility of victim hood.

    Asians, Hispanics, Irish, Italians, Poles and Germans were all discriminated against but they rolled up their sleeves and out worked and out studied the WASP's to become successful.

    Newflash; no one gives a shit about one's skin color. We judge others on how hard they work and are they a good, law-abiding neighbor. It's that easy.

    1. Yea, arrogant twit, she should do all that just as soon as you start teaching whites about militant invasions of foreign countries, mass shootings, child pornography, legal drug abuse pandemics, virus pandemic wishful thinking, and bankster bailouts.

  3. Hilarious... Kelley Eckerman just has to sit there nodding at every single word this crazy black lady says like she’s some sort of prophet.. LMAO. We are all being held hostage in fear of race pimps like this Garbage Pail.

  4. 10:20 nails it. Additionally, the ethnic groups you referenced also succeeded without billions of dollars in welfare and countless other programs to assist them in doing so.

  5. Blacks

  6. If you think this nonsense is stupid, and it is.
    What about the individuals and corporations who are actually PAYING to listen to this crap?
    Another X in a box "program" with a half life of about a day.
    And why would a local TV station give this any publicity at all?
    With endless riots in places like Portland and looting in Chicago because some thug shot at the police and they returned fire, the public support of the whole BLM scam has about run its course.
    Wait until the first NFL game where the "Black National Anthem" is played and the cowards who came up with that idea ask themselves what in the world they were thinking about.
    Time to move on to the next "movement".
    What ever happened to climate change?

  7. Heightened sensitivity about race these days only hurts Black employment opportunities.

    Corporations will think twice as hard about hiring someone who could later yell "racism" and expect compensation.

    Also, if they eliminate the "check the box" requirement on a job application then corporations will shy away from hiring any black male.....criminal record or not....because you will open yourself up to a potential lawsuit for hiring a violent felon (who decided to shoot into the building he just got fired from).


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