Saturday, August 08, 2020

Jackson County School Struggle With 2020 Reopen As Coronavirus Numbers Spike

A glimpse to the tense situation with local schools now confronting a great deal of regulation and safety precautions . . . Here's a preview of the tentative comeback plan:

Jackson County Health Officials Recommend Delaying School Because So Many People Are Testing Positive For Coronavirus

The Jackson County Health Department is recommending districts push back the start of the school year and begin virtually after Sept. 8, which could prevent several districts from opening face-to-face as planned. "In Eastern Jackson County, the week over week case counts, percent positive and daily hospitalizations are all increasing," the health department tweeted late Friday.


Anonymous said...

The COVID virus number are down not up Now they are pushing a new virus that attacks only kids and they are using the scare tacit that this new virus is like polio. So beware of that. They are mad that the schools are open and they don't like that.

Anonymous said...

^^^and yet you’re not a doctor, epidemiologist, or even a high school graduate. You post here which means you don’t even have a cursory knowledge of science. Also everything you said is a lie. Weird.