Friday, August 14, 2020

Homicide Crackdown Editorial: 'It's A Scary Time In Kansas City'

Actually, this op/ed monologue is exceptionally fair and reasonable amid a law enforcement crackdown and continued KCMO protests and demands to defund police.

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Aug. 14, 2020 Editorial: Homicides in Kansas City

We have over 120 dead, who were all murdered, and six just last weekend. It's a scary time in Kansas City. No doubt, efforts are being made. A thousand Kansas City police officers are working exhausting hours and over 200 federal agents are here as part of Operation LeGend.


Anonymous said...

When hasn't it been a scary time in Kansas City? Oh I forgot it was back in the 70's when things were still sort of O.K. and the city was fun. Now it's depressed and deranged. Can anyone tell me when things went bad? That's right when BLACK people started the drive by shootings for sport and racism, and when they wore bright polyester and chanted black is beautiful with pennzoil in their hair.

Anonymous said...

What drivel! just what you'd expect from a TV station editorial. Pure vacuous drivel. "Listen"? Thats the answer? How about more police officers and detectives to arrest criminals before they become killers and put them in prison when they are violent. Keep them there for a long time.

Bandit said...

Fuck it! Let's go for high score! Demonrats forever!

Anonymous said...


How concerned is Sarah Smith, President and General Manager of KMBC and KCWE, about the plight of the urban core and it's minority residents? Let's take a look at her KMBC staffing:

There are 10 anchors pictured here, and though Lara Moritz and Donna Pitman might have a tan, I see 10 white people. Not that there's anything wrong with that! No, of course not!

Next up, we find 9 pictured reporters, and there appears to be 1 Latina and 8 white people.

Sports? Gotta be some people of color here, right? No, just 3 white people.

Last up is the Weather department, and 2 of 5 staff members are black men.

SARA SMITH's GRAND TOTAL = 3 out of 27 on-air staff are people of color = 11%
SARA SMITH can talk about diversity, equal opportunity, and concern for all residents of KCMO, but she's just talking!!! Yada, yada, yada

Bandit said...


The Ayatollah said...

She looks like a carpet muncher on a Subaru commercial.

Bandit said...

The only decent Subaru is a WRX STi

Anonymous said...

Would you talk to your mom that way?

Anonymous said...

Why does her appearance matter? Is that how you judge?

Anonymous said...

That' woman has just defined idiocy down. We can fix whats wrong, but shes not gonna like it.