Monday, August 03, 2020

Here's How To Go Broke Buying 'Woke' Art In Plush Kansas City Brookside Abode

The price-tag for middle-class slobs to fake class keeps rising in much the same what that it's always fun to count other people's money. Accordingly, here's a reminder that tasteful home decor now incorporates diversity.

Of course, none of this applies to TKC readers who can't tell the difference betwixt a Matisse and their pathetic and incredibly comfortable inflatable mattress.

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An Outstanding Collection of Contemporary Black Artists Fills This Brookside Townhouse - In Kansas City

Longtime art collectors John and Sharon Hoffman can finish each other's sentences. They've been married 51 years, so perhaps that is not surprising. But what is amazing is their shared taste. "If we walk into an art gallery, 99 percent of the time we will zero in on the same piece," says Sharon.


Anonymous said...

Racists! Always have been always will be.

Christian said...

BLM = Black Family No Father

Anonymous said...

Oh great. Now we have to know who collects black art. Kind of like how 90% of tv commercials suddenly portray middle class black families with a cocker spaniel. WTH are those types of blacks in KC? Even the suburban ones I see are low rent.

Anonymous said...

Anything that has to qualify their titles as "Black" loses me from the get go!
Black Restaurant Week, Black Art, Black this or that. It is not that I don't go to businesses run by a black person it is that I am not going to support Black Lives Matter and their blackmail.

Anonymous said...

Just more ni**er NOISE. Weird.

Kohl said...


Anonymous said...

BLM has created more raciest of both colors than not. A total back fire from their supposed goals. I for one avoid blacks more now due to their growing BLM chip on their shoulders. Congratulations protestors you accomplished the exact opposite of your intentions.

Matter, always did.

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer.

Anonymous said...

the art is now guaranteed to be stolen.