Friday, August 14, 2020

Hardcore Kansas City Royals Fanboys Advance Alex Gordon Trade Talk

Polite sports talkers don't like push back against the franchise . . . But this home team talking point is gaining momentum whilst the MSM remains too polite to mention it on air.

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Kansas City Royals: Could Alex Gordon actually be dealt?

There is no question as to what Alex Gordon has meant to the Kansas City Royals. He has been a lifelong member of the franchise, a homegrown star that has become one of the faces of the franchise. He is a reminder of better days, back when the Royals were contenders and baseball royalty once more.


Anonymous said...

Stupid article. No way Dayton Moore trades Gordon. After being pinch hit for the other day Gordon's going to retire after this season.

Anonymous said...

Gordon is a millionaire many times over. Doubt that he cares what the Royals do with him.

Anonymous said...