Former Politico And Current Activist Launches Lawsuit After Twitter Clash With Kansas City Police On the Plaza

This legal action was inevitable, what's more interesting is that mainstream media have been ignoring the political history of this public figure and some of his other misadventures . . . Read more:

Man, daughter in protest video sue Kansas City officers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A man and his 15-year-old daughter whose violent handling at the hands of Kansas City police has been widely viewed online are now suing several of the officers.


  1. They won't win.

  2. Black Activist8/11/20, 8:08 PM

    ^^^ They will if Kamala is in office. They should wait until after November. Kamala will ensure Blacks get justice in this country, finally. I wouldn't be surprised if she is both Vice President and Attorney General under Biden.

    1. Justice. How about justice for the vandalism and loss of property for your peaceful protest. What about repayment for hundreds of billions of dollars of food stamps rent subsidies free healthcare. You were not enslaved you aren't owed crap. Justice is a word. Actions prove true intent. What i see is your actions deserve justice in line with jail time

  3. The city will give them money even if they’re proven wrong, matter of fact, I bet they pay them regardless if the cities at fault or not.

    Qball and his black clowncil members will give them money because...... black is why.


  4. Looks like the woman and man have their hands on the cops trying to assault the police officers. Thirty years ago; you touch a cop and you either be walking with a limp the rest of you life or folks would be paying their respects to you at your funeral.

  5. So are the cops going to sue Stacy Shaw and her rioters for all the damage caused to the plaza and overtime charged to the city? That’s a damn shame

  6. The heck with Maddox and his daughter.

  7. One helluva a dad right there, teaching a 15yr old girl to fight and punch the police, what the hell is wrong with black people?

  8. Maybe his knee got hurt and needed surgery because he’s a big fat slob and has been for years. And who takes their 15-year-old daughter to a violent protest?

  9. Can we all send her a most sincere F__k Off for being a fool that was not only being foolish but also dragging their child into their foolishness.

  10. The me need for free shit attitude in a nut shell.


  11. Too bad Bull Connor wasn’t there with a pack of German shepherds.

  12. They were assaulting the officer. They get what they deserve. They will lose in court


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