Monday, August 10, 2020


As of August 10 KCMO has recorded 4,407 positive #COVID19 cases and 78 deaths . . . There have been about 123 murders so far.

Here's the comparison:

Comparing local deaths from crime to local deaths from COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - The KCTV5 News Investigative team is taking a deeper look at Kansas City's other epidemic, crime. They are tracking the numbers and looking at how that compares to the coronavirus asking, which is deadlier? The answer to that question depends if you live in Missouri or Kansas and how you look at the numbers.


Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KCTV5 crack investigative team has just discovered that more people have died by homicide this year in KCMO, than from Coronavirus!

Duh! This blog has been highlighting that fact for several months now.

Anonymous said...

The high murder rate is a useful crime reduction strategy. Hood rat murdering another hood rat is always good. Corona is not good.

Anonymous said...

That’s a damn shame

The Ayatollah said...

Yea, Corona Virus is killing the generation of blacks that actually had higher home ownership, less violence, less single moms, and music that was awesome vs. music about: bentleys, hoes, glocks and Rollie’s. But today’s blacks excuse is because racism is worse now than in the 1960’s right.... ?

Anonymous said...

Black based Murder has been THEE MAJOR problem for decades, Covid or no Covid. Lumping in non whites, suicides, etc with murder rates is bullshit. In the mid to late 1980's we began carrying Faux statistics by lumping non murders ( accidents and Suicides ) and Blacks in with non blacks in Our Murder statistics to clam down our communities. Do a simple search on Fed Stats. People grab a number and run.