Sunday, August 30, 2020

Everybody Suffers Coronavirus Pandemic: Impact On Fall Sports Hurts NEXTGEN

This sympathetic note offers a glimpse at how this plague will hurt the nextgen for years to come. Checkit:

Postponing fall sports could complicate the lives of some high school athletes

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Just a few weeks ago, Kansas City, Kansas student-athletes were crushed to find out fall sports were suspended. But thanks to KSHSAA's ruling they can now compete in the spring. While athletes are thankful, they say it also makes things a little complicated.


Anonymous said...

there are more important things.

Anonymous said...

Know what complicates your life? Death.

Baldor said...

The footballers should be focusing on Academic scholarships, not Athletic ones. More opportunity, better opportunities for life.

Anonymous said...

athletics and athletic scholarships are 90% hyoe. both the athletes and their parents eventually discover this.

Anonymous said...


FACTS: According to their own official data (not that you want to always trust them).

The State of Missouri reports 8 residents under the age of 30 have died from COVID-19 this year. That's 8 in the entire state this year.

The KCMO Health Department (before they censored their data precluding the public from seeing the age ranges of reported deaths) had last reported on their website 0 deaths from COVID-19 in KCMO residents under the age of 30. That's ZERO residents, under the age of 30, dying from COVID-19 in 2020.

But the schools MUST be closed down.
No sports or extracurricular activities.
Nightclubs/bars (primarily under 30 crowd) must remain shuttered.

Governor Kelly in KS, along with Dr. Norman, have been among the very worst offenders. Mayor Lucas and fake-Dr. Archer are inept bumblers just following the national Democrat plan to keep the country shutdown until the election.

The coronavirus is real, like a bad case of the seasonal influenza, but government's reaction is much worse than the virus itself. Democrat-led cities and states are the WORST reactionaries because they're playing a political game, attempting to blame Trump for all the unnecessary pain they've inflicted on their residents. It's backfiring on them, they're desperate, so they've doubled-down to seal their own demise.

Democrats have dug their own grave in 2020.

Anonymous said...

Time for herd immunity. Let them play. A lot of students play sports in fall and spring, so this is crazy stupid.

Anonymous said...

No one under 18 has died of COVID in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Average age of covid deaths is 78. That's even if you believe it was actually covid that killed all of them. This whole thing is ridiculous.