Monday, August 17, 2020

Environmental Activists Claim They Were Right About Global Climate Impact After 'Derecho' Damage Threatens Crops

The sky is either falling or it's not . . . Here's one argument, read more:

Extreme weather just devastated 10m acres in the midwest. Expect more of this | Art Cullen

I know a stiff wind. They call this place Storm Lake, after all. But until recently most Iowans had never heard of a "derecho". They have now. Last Monday, a derecho tore 770 miles from Nebraska to Indiana and left a path of destruction up to 50 miles wide over 10m acres of prime cropland.


Bandit said...

Environmental libtards claim they are right about everything. If something happens we didn't spend enough money to stop it. If something doesn't happen we can salve gloBULL warming. They've been screaming that the sky is falling forever. Nobody gives a shit. We're all going to die of coronavirus now. Apparently they missed that memo.

Anonymous said...

^More Russian propaganda.

Bandit said...

RAWK! RAWK! RAWK! Russian spam bot! Chimpy wants a cracker! RAWK!!!

Anonymous said...

You could not possibly be more of a science hating moron than you are now.

Anonymous said...

7 days after the winds of a category 2 hurricane hits Iowa (and 2 golf trips later), Trump and the GOP governor finally declared this a disaster.

Please, don't break a sweat. Don't get too worked up about the tens of thousands still without power. Turns out that Trump has now wrecked FEMA too.

Forget the science. How about just acknowledging the damage already on the ground and getting resources there to help?

Anonymous said...

Better to think about the science so this stops happening, maybe?
Writer LIVES in Iowa. Not writing from an ivory tower or from Russia.
Reading. It's a wonderful thing.