Thursday, August 06, 2020


An artful way to keep po'folk out of prison whilst still passing on lawbreaker bills to everybody else . . . Read more about a benefit for those who have more time than money:

KC City Council passes ordinance on diversions

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - On Thursday, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said the city council passed a unanimous ordinance that compels "the Municipal Court to provide, at minimum, 20 percent of non-violent indigent defendants the opportunity for diversion."


Kohl said...

This is a good thing. One minor fuck up shouldn't ruin someone's future.

Anonymous said...

In Case You Missed It: Resolution Passed -- Black Lives Matter Murals on Designated Streets within the City. In case you missed it: Resolution #200623 was adopted today during the Legislative Session. The resolution expresses the City’s intent to adopt the KC Art on the Block initiative to paint Black Lives Matter murals on designated streets within the City. Those locations include Briarcliff Parkway and North Mulberry Drive, Baltimore Avenue and 10th Street, 18th and Vine Streets, Troost Avenue and 31st Street, Brookside Boulevard and 63rd Street, and Meyer Boulevard and Troost Avenue.

Local volunteers and artists will do the painting of the Black Lives Matter street murals with the support of City staff and local organizations.

Several local civic organizations such as the Urban League of Greater Kansas City, NAACP Kansas City Mo, and Troost Market desire to promote dialog and greater understanding of race relations within the City.

The City wishes to partner with these groups to further the public awareness of this important message via the power of the arts and repeat visual reinforcement. The City believes the message that Black Lives Matter is not intended to exclude anyone and instead represents a value statement that all persons deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Please follow the link to see more details and read the full resolution,

Anonymous said...

Today Councilman EricBunch introduced resolution to paint #BlackLivesMatter murals on designated streets within the city.

Bicycle boy at work

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me anymore.... Glad Im a boomer.

Anonymous said...

Better than being a younger and dumber with a worthless college degree

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Paint all they want, the message has been drowned out by the Marxist organizations for their cause not blm.

Where’s the party at when we hit 120 black on black murders this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Our Commie Council has gone full Marxist obviously.

Anonymous said...

The real threat to Kansas City is that us white dudes in JoCo no longer want to work downtown and pay their stupid earnings tax anymore. Sorry, diversity don't get to play with my money anymore! Pound sand with your BLM baloney!~!

Anonymous said...

So that with no serious direction, no work histories, few, if any, skills, and no further support from the city, these non-violent offenders can now become ....violent offenders.
Meanwhile, as Lucas hands out more get out of jail free cards, the homicide rate continues unabated.
You might think or hope he'd figure out his efforts aren't addressing the real problem and in fact may be making it worse.
Lucas should really go back to "teaching" in college where his naivete mistakes don't have such an impact on others.

Charlie Horse said...

Monkey see monkey do.