Thursday, August 20, 2020


Perspective and the first round of reporting at the conclusion of the Democratic Party virtual celebration to start their bid to reclaim the White House.

Check the links from "many sides" of the ongoing debate . . .


Joe Biden Opens DNC Speech With a Soaring Appeal for Unity, Rejection of Trump's 'Darkness'

Joe Biden accepted his party's nomination for president on Thursday night at the DNC - delivering an upbeat message aimed to unite a divided nation. At the outset of his remarks, the former vice president went after President Donald Trump for stoking fear, and exploiting partisan rifts.

Against The Darkside

Biden vows to unite America, end 'season of darkness'

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Joe Biden vowed to unite an America torn by crisis and contempt Thursday night, accepting the Democratic presidential nomination that had eluded him over three decades because of personal tragedy, political stumbles and rivals who proved more dynamic.

DNC Play By Play

Here are the highlights of the final night of the Democratic National Convention

The fourth and final night of the Democratic National Convention culminated Thursday with Joe Biden accepting the party's presidential nomination. In his address, Biden not only eviscerated President Donald Trump's handling of his first term but also portrayed himself as the best candidate to combat overlapping economic and health-care crises.

Prez Trump Provides Postscript

Trump says Biden speech is 'just words' at DNC close

President Trump and his Republican allies were quick to pan Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's acceptance speech on Thursday night - with the president accusing the former vice president of making false promises as the Trump campaign reiterated their claim that Biden is "a pawn of the radical leftists."

Comic Relief Controversy

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' comedy as Democratic National Convention host stirs debate

Comedy and politics are sometimes a difficult mix. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the Emmy-award winning star of "Veep," opened a spirited debate on social media Thursday during the final night of the Democratic National Convention with a series of jokes that stung and at times seemed inconsistent with the emotion party organizers were hoping to convey.

Over Rated?!?!

Shockingly, Americans Don't Find the Democratic Convention to Be Must-See TV | National Review

Political journalists, including myself, are watching, analyzing, and debating the Democratic convention, produced with unparalleled restrictions and complications from the pandemic and trying to assess its effectiveness. I have tried to keep in mind that in a lot of cycles, the convention is not much of a factor in the long run, even if it's widely considered a good one.

Remote Control Aftermath

Democratic National Conventions should always be remote-just no waving

Won't somebody please think of the goofy hats? The Democratic National Convention has long been a bloated four-day event that's come to be known for a few mainstays: impassioned speeches from rising party stars, deafening applause and balloon drops that extend those speeches far too long, and-of course-the goofy hats.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Really, more of an anticlimax.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Sorry Trumpkin.

You lose.


Anonymous said...

Second to last link was actually worth reading. This ratings of the convention tell the whole story. If America's Got Talent is getting better ratings, then this ticket has some real problems.

Anonymous said...

It was an absolute fail, we didn’t need to hear more trump hate, we needed to hear what their plan is.... apparently they don’t have one.

Spouting hate for four years to their despicable dimwit followers has run its course, even they are getting tired of it.

If trump has a good convention he wins a second term.

Free KC said...

America is choosing democracy and hope against a potential dictator. We have a clear choice and the public already wants Trump out of office. The people have spoken and will speak more loudly in November.

Anonymous said...

The demoncrooks really ought to listen to themselves and inject some light into their own party, they went dark when ole hillbilly lost in 2016

Anonymous said...

At least the Democratic Party brought on elected officials and real people that aren't just the family members of the President. Is anybody willing to speak for Trump? Doubtful. Too bad he's having a corona circus.

Anonymous said...

12:11 they’re speaking now and they want no part of democrim run cities anymore, Trump is leading in Minnesota and it’s only a matter of time before he gets more key battleground states. Sorry dude, it’s looking real bad for you again in 2020.

Anonymous said...

The Dems were more interested in insulting Trump than stating how they would make America better, so here's a summary based on their past and current record:

- Open borders to all illegals so we can pay for their healthcare, food, education and other needs with higher property, sales and income taxes

- Weaken the police so crime is out of control in all cities, not just the big ones like it is now where the Dem mayors are in charge

- Weaken the military so terrorists and foreign armies can more easily threaten our safety, take over regions of the world and kill us

- Don't hold criminals accountable for their actions and make sure they either don't go to jail or can post bond easily so they can quickly get back on the street and commit more crimes against law-abiding citizens

- Weaken the economy with more industry regulations, like no fracking, and more corporate taxes so fewer people can get hired for jobs and unemployment skyrockets

- Raise the taxes on our paychecks so our net pay is miniscule so the government can pay for more socialist and welfare programs

- Let doctors abort babies even after birth if the mother doesn't really want the child

Anonymous said...

You mean like abc, Pocahontas, schoomer and schiffless? Since when was Hollywood movie stars real people?

You better pray to your god the gop convention has a total nuclear meltdown if you hope to have a chance.

Looks real bad for you guys, just like 2016.

Mail-in fraud is your only hope.

Anonymous said...

12:16, Therein lies some of the problem—a lot of people accept Trump because he’s NOT a career politician endorsed by celebrities that think their star status makes them more enlightened on the country’s needs than meager middle class Americans. As a political independent who has always voted for the person rather than the party, I am the first to say that Trump is arrogant, egotistical and should stay off Twitter. But I also think the guy genuinely loves America, as do I. Like every country, we have plenty of problems and room for improvement in lots of categories. But I still think it’s the greatest country in the world and I don’t like listening to progressives trash it 24/7. I also find it ironic that if it’s such a deplorable place why the wealthy liberal elite haven’t expatriated in droves, and why there are countless people around the globe that would jump at the chance to live here even on our worst day. That’s why I will vote for Trump.

Super Dave said...

When the speeches and talk of a political convention are 99% based on hate talk related to your opponent it to me says you have no plan and are hoping others will side and string along based on your hate and vote for you.

Anonymous said...

From the comments, it's obvious the TKC peanut gallery either didn't watch the convention at all or watched Fox News tell them what happened second hand. A fair and balance version, it is not.

Like Trump, the MAGA folks are detached from reality.

When faced with record unemployment and business failures, Trump says stocks are great!

You can drive around and see the closed businesses with "for lease" signs in the windows, but Trump says we have a V-shaped recovery and we are doing great! Fantastic numbers. Like nobody has ever seen.

Trump has driven the economy off a cliff and has no idea how to fix it. Just look what he is doing now. Nothing. He can't even negotiate a deal with his own party to pass a relief package. Biden wins with over 350 electoral votes.

Anonymous said...

That biden had to give a pre recorded speech says it all.

The MSM can cover for him only so long.

Cant wait for the excuses for no debates really start.

lame and wea.t

Anonymous said...

Get out more 1211.

Anonymous said...

240 you are delusional. Haven't you heard of the dem panic plague and overboard lock downs and nursing home massacres perpetrated by dem governors.

Red states and cities without insane dem policies are doing well and ppl under the thumb of dem see that.

Get out of dem cities and its business as usual without riots n looting.

Kz said...

Actually, Fox news seemed impressed with Biden. A lot of the people on this blog are fringe. They live inside the right wing bubble. They will be disappointed when Trump loses big.

Anonymous said...

President-elect Biden sounded very presidential tonight.

Trump bitches and moans about cheating because he knows he is losing. Bigly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 2:40, your comment is no more “fair and balanced” than anything you criticize. When I hear Trump talk about the economy, he states how it’s rebounding after the “China virus.” And of course he may say that it’s doing great or something else positive (do you expect him (or any president) to freak out and tell people to cash in their assets, hide in a cave and hope for the best)? Most people (except for liberals) are smart enough to understand that business and the economy took a crippling hit due to Covid, but things are slowly getting better but are not “fantastic.” As for another relief package, one has been ready to go but stalled by your Dem idols that don’t think it’s enough. And if Trump and the GOP did agree to the Dems wish list, all we would hear is how Trump is increasing the deficit. Things were going well before Covid and Trump has the ability to oversee a rebound with some time. It’s no different than a person who gets Covid; if they’re in the hospital, they’re probably not going to be running a marathon next week, but at the same time, should their advocates tell them everything is terrible and they’ll probably die or should they focus on small positive changes and encourage them to get better? You, like most Dems, have only one solution to offer and it’s to spew hate and blame.

Retro ROCKER said...

There will be more people voting in 2020 TO make sure The Socialist and Communists don't win. There will be more minorities vote for Trump Then the Last Election .And the Trump supporters,Will Go to the Polls, They want their vote counted. And on Election night Trump will be so far in front. The Democrats will say WAIT FOR THE MAIL IN BALLETS.

Anonymous said...

IM A 25 yr union dem and I’d rather vote for herpes then this brain dead bitch at least I’ll know what I have with the herpes

Anonymous said...

Dems can’t and won’t work to get Americans stimulus money.
It would help the economy too much...and Trump.
As millions of kids go to bed hungry- it’s being documented as a Democrat problem and will help Trump win with commercials we have never seen before... and they are quite powerful.

Remember- Joe has been in the govt for more than 40 years and has nothing to show.
Hunter Biden will be highlighted along with a woman who was has sexually assaulted claims to talk at the Republican convention.

Biden is the best Dems can do this year.

Wait until the October surprise as well. Dems keep faltering as babies go to bed hungry from Dems not passing stimulus money.

Blame Nancy and the Dems.

Anonymous said...

4:43 speaks the truth.

Babies go to bed hungry because of Dems and Nancy Pelosi.

End of story.

Anonymous said...

That is being documented with video of kids being starved and words of Nancy not wanted to pass stimulus.

Black voters had historical high employment until Dems shut down their cities and defunded police and let looters burn their stores.

And yes- October sunrise will let Dems look defenseless.

Joe Biden has a ton to worry about with Hunter as well.

Scary... but Nancy is starving poor people and babies.

Anonymous said...

You bots babble your lies about the Democrats being unwilling to get stimulus money to the American People and yet the American People know that the Democrats passed a bill in May, three months ago, that would have done exactly that.

It is the Republicans that are holding up any relief for the crisis that lack of leadership has placed this Nation in!

It is the Republicans that are unwilling to compromise or accept anything but total surrender to the Republican "plan" for helping the Economy!

It is the Republicans who have cut the Unemployment additional assistance by ONE THIRD, and want to cut that reduced amount in half again!

It is the Republicans who have padded their so-called "plan" with such "necessary" items as handing $350+ million to Melania Trump FOR REDECORATING THE WHITE HOUSE!

If, as you continue to spew lies about, there are babies going hungry in this Country, THE FAULT DOES NOT LIE WITH THE DEMOCRATS, IT RESULTS FROM THE REPUBLICAN'S LIES!

Bandit said...

Thank God that hot mess is over! Apparently they had Basement Biden knocked out for the last week because he was able to mostly read sentences from a teleprompter without fucking them up. Content was typical Demonrat diatribe, "Not my fault, tax the rich, give unions more power, spend money we don't have on new infrastructure while the old continues to crumble, we can save the planet...." blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Heard it all before Joe.

He's also going to cure coronavirus? Really? Weren't you appointed by Obama to cure cancer? How did that work out?

What he oddly did not mention was defunding police and the how out of control Demonrat run shitholes have become even larger shitholes at an accelerated pace, a direct result of Demonrat policy, "give them space to destroy."

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Repubturd convention shit show nest week. What do you think Scott Baio can bring(!!??) How about the demon sperm doctor? Wait, I mean the St. Louis gun dummies are speaking???? OMG, What do you think the chances are one of them shoots themselves on national TV! I especially can't wait to hear what Dementia Donnie says when he goes of the teleprompter, this should be hilarious! Do you think he'll be full of Adderall again, and we'll get another snivel & sniff fest? They better plant him in front of a podium. Can't risk him walking to it unaccompanied. Do you think he'll need both hands to take a drink? What will be the over/under on lies told? I know Vegas will set that line pretty high I'm sure! I mean this is going to be an absolute shit-show. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many times they had to tape Biden's pre-recorded acceptance speech because he could string two coherent sentences together.

Bernie Sanders is a f*ck face screaming geriatric. Hope he kicks off within four years so we don't have to listen to his screaming during the next election primaries.

Democrat Convention was "Weekend at Bernie's III".

Anonymous said...

^^then the republican convention will be "Dead Man Walking"

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Anonymous said...

^You need to talk to Bandit Darville. He suffers from outbreaks all the time. At least that what his wife tells me while she's blowing me. She won't touch his gross micropenis

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. It's cute that you're in love!

Poor Chimpy.

Anonymous said...

Wait. The virus did originate in China. Trump didn't cook it up in a lab. Why do you cast the blame for it solely at him?

Anonymous said...

Fuck democrat traitors try them all for treason and execute them on the the capital steps and all their leftist allies in the educational system and media that’s the only way we’ll get out of this disaster. Just like the war with Japan either kill all them or they destroy the country and our families there’s no room for commie leftist in our country

Anonymous said...

They should have three more nights of this tone-deaf snoozefest. It seems to have driven Trump's approval rating up!

Anonymous said...

Bandit still going with the tired 'Joe isn't all there' troupe when even the Fox News pundits had to admit he closed it with a 9th inning HR. I'll reserve my judgement but I expect nothing more than an adderrall driven, inflection less, hostage video when Trump takes his turn.

Anonymous said...

9:12 settle down Francis. take your meds. I'm not sure you know what the meaning of treason is and the charges/convictions seem to keep piling up for those in the Trump orbit. He's giving the Gambino family a run for their money at this point.

Bandit said...

Still living rent free in Chimpytard's head. He can't collect rent and can't evict me! I'm around every corner in his world. He's talking to people that ain't me! I love it! Mission accomplished! He's gone bat shit crazier!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no, you mean another investigation or impeachment or something? No problem! Those backfired horribly, resulted in no real gains for the Dems, and sparked a massive investigation onto the investigation itself that is already producing guilty pleas on the part of a corrupt and partisan FBI. Thanks tho! ;)

Anonymous said...

^^and yet it lead to an impeachment for Trump. Weird.

Bandit said...

And yet he's still in office and driving you further insane. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Bandit, quit stalking me. I know your obsessed with me but get over it.

Anonymous said...

It's 'led', Chimpy. Lead is the stuff in the paint chips you ate that made you such a monkey moron.

Poor Chimpy.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you're his biggest fan. So weird.

Anonymous said...

Except they weren't the ones disappointed last time.

Anonymous said...

Retro rocker might be right for once.

Bandit said...

"That sound you hear is Democrats exhaling." - CNN resident communist Van Jones

“And we were prepared for it to be a terrible speech. As long as he didn’t embarrass himself, we were going to come out here and praise it!” - CNN resident communist Van Jones


Anonymous said...

You have accomplished much, oh wizened one.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until next week when Trump again promises to terminate funding for Social Security and Medicare.

Bandit said...

The best news of the week was that Joe Biden finished his speech without confusing his wife for his sister or sniffing some little girl’s hair.

Anonymous said...

President-elect Biden certainly sounded presidential.

Anonymous said...

their platform for 2020 is extending voting rights to felons and making law abiding citizens turn in their legally purchased semi-auto rifle. this is what turns life long liberals into trump voters.

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