Monday, August 24, 2020

Coronavirus 'Compassionate Release' Considered For Suspect FRAMED In Tragic Kansas City Firefighter Explosion

The deaths of half a dozen firefighters are made even more tragic because PEOPLE INNOCENT OF THIS CRIME were arrested and jailed in the aftermath of the historic devastation.

Reality check: Corruption and public demand for vengeance and 'closure' led to conviction based on flimsy evidence . . . Even worse, it's a widely accepted fact this case was always a set up.

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Suspect in 1988 explosion that killed 6 KC firefighters considered for compassionate release

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Nearly 32 years ago, six Kansas City firefighters were killed in a south Kansas City construction site explosion. It was one of the worst to ever shake the metro. "Pretty awesome it really, getting the bodies out of here and putting another company in service, getting the equipment ready and all that.


Bandit said...

Shiv the mother fucker!

Anonymous said...

Then we have seven innocents dead.

Anonymous said...

Horseshit. Thinking someone is innocent doesn’t change the facts and findings, it just makes you an advocate for mob rule justice.