Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Coping With Kansas City Stages Shut Down

The local arts community continues to struggle without venues to perform . . . Here's a more realistic glimpse at how they're coping and how the financial losses are driving many places to the point of bankruptcy.

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Metro Arts Organizations Creatively Address the Shuttering of Doors and Stages - In Kansas City

Earlier in July when the big four-the Kansas City Ballet, Kansas City Symphony, Lyric Opera, and the Harriman-Jewell Series-announced they were canceling or postponing programming through the end of 2020, many of the metro's arts organizations faced the same issues with a variety of reactions. Here's how four responded.


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that Charlie Parker disliked Kansas City as much as he did.
Probably because he had to leave here to get any recognition, and because of the scorn he received from the tiny closed "Jazz Community" that kept so many younger and more talented players from success.
His dislike is best reflected in the fact that he begged his wife on his deathbed to "please don't let them bury me in Kansas City".

A shame the last wish of a dying man couldn't have been respected by this Town.

Anonymous said...

WE WILL HAVE SPORT , HOWEVER !!! SPORTS are the most important item in Our Society. Covid has ruined jobs, no school , no religion and no arts. BUt fuck yes , we have sports allowed. Weird-o- priorities. See Mchomy be gettin 500 million while we evict thousands. True Dat. make certain you have a Plan B to watch the Chiefs while you no longer have your apartment to live in. GO CHEFS !! Maybe you can go to a sports bar instead of a Church for your Sunday sermon.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City doesn't remember anyone named Charlie Parker. There was no Jazz history in our city. What are you people talking about? Don't you remember, all history has been erased it's only now that matters. The jazz history is a myth, it never happened! Charlie Parker is nothing more than a fictional character.

Charlie Horse said...

My jazz teacher Greg Mize once told me there's only two bad weeks in a musician's year: Christmas week and a week in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

^^So?? Why are you boring us with this? Don't you have any friends loser?

Charles Whitman said...

Isn't the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival cultural appropriation?
By the same token, isn't Hamilton cultural appropriation?