Community Warning: Lackluster Census 2020 Participation Dooms Kansas City

The census is wrapping up early and locals from a diverse cross-section of Kansas City are worried that the numbers don't really reflect the local population. Even worse, federal, state and city cash are based on these numbers . . . Here's one of many emergency efforts to guarantee a more accurate count . . . Checkit:

Cities and Libraries Partner to Achieve a Complete Census Count - How We're Doing it in Kansas City

With $1.5 trillion in federal funding at stake and vulnerable populations at high risk of being undercounted again in the 2020 Census, community leaders in Kansas City know we have to work together for a complete count to ensure proper funding distribution, fair government representation, and appropriate, data-informed school and voting district designations for the...


  1. Well I do know there were four Byrons here a few weeks ago.


  2. Kansas City and other democratic cities are cheating on the census they are not wanting to report certain people that are illegal but yet they won't help pay for their stay here in our city. They want everyone else to pay while they are out supporting the riots. George Soros paychecks are tax free in case anyone didn't know that.

  3. 7:54 FUNNY !!!!!!!!!! OUT LOUD CHUCKLE.

  4. If you are here illegally the only right you should have is to get the fuck out really fast on your own dime.

  5. Awwww! All the illegals don;'t want to be counted? I wonder why? Screw em!

  6. Nice tries at deflection, but its the GOP that doesn't want an accurate Census, too many "safe" Congressional Districts at risk.

    Like here in Missouri, where 43% of the population elects 68% of State Legislators and 56% of National.

    Even worse in Kansas.

    1. Just admit you hate the fact the Republic has built in protections to keep leftists at bay.

  7. If they want to be treated like every other legal citizen they need to to do it the right way. Until then they do not deserve any consideration. They already get more than they deserve. Quit acting like they are stray puppies. They are not cute and we can't keep them.

  8. If the same holds across the nation, there could be some fairly interesting results of the census. It won’t just be KC that loses representation.


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