Sunday, August 23, 2020

Clueless Kansas City Star Blames Feds For Historic Local Murder Rate Spike

Operation Legend - The federal law enforcement crackdown has only been up and running for a few weeks yet the so-called "paper-of-record" casts blame after DECADES of letting their favorite politicos slide on this sordid subject.

Here's a glimpse at what more and more subscribers are skipping:

In KC's deadliest year, Operation LeGend hasn't improved homicide clearance rate

Two months after 22-year-old Marcus Stone was gunned down at 18th and Vine, his family wonders if the killer will ever be brought to justice. His younger brother, Ke'Shawn Stone, knows it's a question other Kansas City families face as dozens of homicides this year remain unsolved.


Anonymous said...

Why are these people wanting crimes solved in the city? Aren't they the very people who want the feds out and the police defunded? Kansas City mayor Sly James cut back on police they have spent the GO Bond money on who knows what, the huge property tax hike has shown no extra money where has that money gone, and then everyone is bitching about unsolved crime? You liberals let rioting go on without any punishment and you actually praised the criminals. If crime in the black areas goes unsolved it's your own fault. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the Star did not write any articles about the murder rate being PROGRESSIVELY worse under Lucas, Sly James and Frank White.

Anonymous said...

It should be pointed out that the feds have gotten a lot of violent criminals off the street so the future crime rate would be even worse without their role.

Anonymous said...

The Star doesn't really care whether crimes are solved or not. The last few years has demonstrated that. The real point of the article is to bang the drum against federal assistance, as part of the police=bad / fed police=doubly bad movement. If the new hedge fund owners really want to extract maximum value from the paper, they are going to have to quickly develop a journalistic stance and editorial board that better reflects the mix of political opinions of the population they represent.

Most of these movements have a watershed moment when common sense comes into conflict with the ideologically "pure" bent of the fringes of the movement. Handled incorrectly, public opinion and momentum are lost. The stance against Operation LeGend may be the moment for the BLM+Defund The Police movement.

Anonymous said...

Only the Kansas City Communist Red Star would fail to recognize the number of violent criminals Operation Legend has taken off the street plus the operation is only been in existence a few weeks.

Just another insane analysis by the Marxists at the Star to try to make anything President Trump does look bad.

I guess the Star wants the criminals to run free to kill everyone.

Democrat Party is totally insane as well as their mouthpieces like the Star.

Anonymous said...

The star has an anti police agenda. Their biased stories and reporters reflect that. However, this is really nothing new for the star. They just hire kids now at rock bottom prices.

Anonymous said...

bad faith

Christian said...

Hey Blacks. Return to your families as a man and raise your children in a Godly home like grandma told you to! BLM IS A FUCKING LIE TO KEEP YOU OPPRESSED LIKE A BUCH OF FIELD NEGROS.

Anonymous said...

Democrats know that lying helps confuse the meek minded.

Biden repeated the lie that Trump said "both sides are fine people", he lied about how many are on unemployment, he lied about how bad COVID19 has hit the US and Democrats eat that shit up. I told a friend about the "both sides" lie and he freaked out and started crying about how Trump is a supremacist. I said, "then why did he ban arms for Nazis in Ukraine? Obama would not do that." No answer for that... even the BBC knows Biden is a liar.

So Dems lie about clear facts because the state and feds can actually lower the violent crime rate if they keep it up. That reduction will end up costing Democrats real money if the COMBAT Tax goes away.

Democrats profit off the violent deaths of minorities.

Anonymous said...

The more the Democrat monopoly controls your jurisdiction, the worse things get.

Capitalism will try and pump blood through their veins, but they keep trying to get to that 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his blood that George Floyd achieved so that anti-capitalists can blame law and order rather than the deadly poison they choose to ingest.

Cause the problems you can blame your enemies for.

Democrats profit from minorities being killed.

Anonymous said...

KC Star is a failed organization. The Star has hurt so many. Now they hate law and order in their failing attempt to save their sinking publication. The Star is a case study of a financially failing enterprise desperately struggling to survive while hurting the community. Ask the bankruptcy court. The Star is a moral fraud. Please go away and stop abusing the public. The Star is drowning , don’t let the Star drag KCMO down with it.

Anonymous said...

It’s good to see people fighting against the Marxist demoncraps, the Marxist groups from the east and west coast have tried to get Midwest papers to spread their lies and convince people their way is the only way. Midwest people are fighting against these anti American commie bastards and the problem is soros, zuckerburg, gates, bezos and the likes don’t care, they’ll break every newspaper and put another one in place until they break the will of the american public down to get what they want. They hate black people and want them to be their slaves again. You’ll see.

Anonymous said...

The Star is a Communist/Marxist publication dedicated to the overthrow of the United States.

Anonymous said...

Democrats got the 13th amendment written to include language legalizing state-owned slaves.

They were on that leftism way back then, too. Communal ownership of people.

Then they lied to us for 150 years claiming slavery was abolished.

They're still on that promotion of elevated crime rates. It's deflection to try and put violent people on the streets as if it's "social justice" because it ends up creating more overall felons anyway.

They're still the KKK Democrats because they love FDR and his racist, thieving ass so that proves "progressives" never switched parties. The party switch is a lie.

Anonymous said...

For Democrat profit. It isn't just power. They love looting.

Anonymous said...

^^as much as you love Matlock Maude?

Anonymous said...


DARVO refers to a reaction perpetrators of wrong doing, particularly sexual offenders, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. DARVO stands for "Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender."

Anonymous said...

If the family and friends of shooting victims don't care enough to help the police identify the shooter, why should anyone else care that the case does not close?

I sure don't.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Star figures when they go down they will take as many people with them as they can.

Pushed to irrelevance they are showing their true colors - an organization that just wants to bash the right and anyone that takes on the socialist left. What they don't realize is their blabbering just exposes the insanity they, and the left, believe in.

Keep printing these moronic editorials. You are just pushing yourself out the door faster, which will benefit us all.

Bandit said...

Yeah, homies shooting homies isn't the problem. It's the feds. Thanks Kansas Shitty Scar! We would have never figured that one out without your brilliant insight! You may now replace your lips on Q Ball's ass.

Anonymous said...


At Prosecutor's Office 17
2020 Homicides YTD 125
2020 Homicides Cleared 57 46%
2020 Homicides Solved But Not Cleared 14
2020 Homicides Cleared + Homicides Solved 71
Prior Years Homicides Cleared 27
Prior & Current Year Homicides Cleared in Current Year 84
UCR / NIBRS Clearance 67%

Jackson County Prosecutor's Office
2014 5822 Cases Received, 4195 Cases Filed, 3894 Cases Closed = 67%
2015 6572 Cases Received, 4519 Cases Filed, 3962 Cases Closed = 60%
2016 7913 Cases Received, 4726 Cases Filed, 3775 Cases Closed = 48%
2017 6027 Cases Received, 4306 Cases Filed, 4010 Cases Closed = 67%
2018 6860 Cases Received, 4981 Cases Filed, 3411 Cases Closed = 50%

Jean Peters Baker, who until recently was serving both as Jackson County Prosecutor and head of the Missouri Democratic Party, has allowed her partisan political ambition to interfere with the business of keeping Jackson County residents safe. Under her leadership, the Prosecutor's office has an abysmal record of filing criminal cases and successfully closing them. She habitually panders to the anti-law enforcement, anti-establishment radical protestors, defers prosecution of BLM criminals who assault police and destroy property, and prioritizes her time trying to prosecute KCPD officers who don't pamper troublemakers. Instead of being tough on crime and supporting police efforts, Jean Peters Baker is big on dismissing cases, diversion, "restorative justice" B.S., and going soft on criminals. She's a classic Liberal Democrat who perpetuates the cycle of violence in KCMO.

Jackson County needs to fire her and elect a new effective Prosecutor!

Anonymous said...

McClatchy's ownership of The Kansas City Star will officially cease to exist in 1-2 weeks.

The hedge fund that loaned them money (like a loan shark) and bled them dry is already taking over.

The KC Star Editorial Board is a group of geriatric mental invalids sequestered in their Liberal Democrat echo-chamber. They don't have a clue as to what constitutes reality. They're actually promoting an old man with dementia, who first ran for President in 1988, to lead this nation forward. They (and Biden) are completely insane.

Anonymous said...


True statements

Anonymous said...

you come to the most wrong, ignorant, emotional conclusions, especially in your yellow journalism headlines.

if only you were bright or aware enough to be embarrassed.


Anonymous said...

They take their talking points from DNC and NYT. They are as blind on the Left as those on the Right.East is east and west is west ... About the only thing Kipling got correct.

Time to unbubble sheeple.

Anonymous said...

The star is the perfect example of FAKE ASS NEWS!

Unknown said...

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