Saturday, August 29, 2020

Broke-Ass Kansas City Contemplates Life Without Rampant Corporate Welfare

A hopeful missive that might offer locals a glimmer of hope during the coronavirus depression BUT doesn't really represent anything more than than local politicos playing the waiting game until money starts flowing again . . . Read more:

Kansas City Is Revamping Its Long-Term Land Development Plan

Kansas City unveiled FOCUS, its original Comprehensive Plan, in 1997. This year marks the first overhaul of that framework, called The KC Spirit Playbook.

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Anonymous said...

The execs at DST Systems Inc sold the company to a east coast firm and now its history. So that in itself will implode KCMO. DST was a big supporter. The execs EACH got hundreds of millions! Nobody talks about the BILLIONAIRES that DST produced by doling out huge numbers of stock option awards for these guys to basically work a desk job 10 hours a day. WAY OVERPAID. And these top execs would never be considered for any top WALL Street firm, like Goldman or Blackrock -they would be looked at as unqualified candidates.