Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Big 12 Plays Ball Amid Pandemic

Sports decision that will provide a short term victory for small downs but also increases student & public health risk. Read more:

Big 12 will play fall sports, contrary to Big Ten, Pac-12 decision

by: FOX 4 Newsroom Posted: / Updated: IRVING, Texas - Play ball! That's the conclusion the Big 12 Board of Directors came to in an announcement today, Aug. 12, after facing pressure from other major conferences who cancelled their seasons.


Anonymous said...

Let the Games begin !! The most important aspect of Our Society. Fuck the murder rated, unemployment rate, people sick and dying of Covid and Our International education ranking in the high Forties ( that be BAD Folks !). We have SPORTS !! Scratch yer' balls and throw a beer can at the kiddies.

Anonymous said...

Another reason why public Higher Education is a complete farce.

Indirectly students are paying for college coaches to receive $3 million salaries, AD's, players paid under the table etc.

Anonymous said...

It took a pandemic to expose colleges for what they are...corrupt tax skimming frauds that provide little in return for tuition and fees.

Anonymous said...

^^^Just because you were too dumb to get in Cletus, doesn’t mean they’re a fraud. Had you gone, you might have something other to do than post here. Sorry not sorry.

Anonymous said...

Good for the Big 12 for having some balls. The other schools, players, and sports opting out will become irrelevant soon.