Sunday, August 02, 2020

Another Kansas City Cover-Up Alleged

Hardline against this local abuse scandal and continued scandal for The Church . . . Read more:

Kansas City Diocese Sued for Abuse Cover-Up

KANSAS CITY, Mo. ( - New lawsuits are accusing the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in Missouri covered up and enabled clergy sex abuse. The lawsuits, one filed Tuesday in Jackson County Circuit Court and the other on July 20, were announced Tuesday afternoon at a news conference in Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

The Catholic church is a fraud. Its not a true religion that follows God. Its a cult that follows man made traditions and the Pope. If your a Catholic, please be aware that on judgement day God will reject you. Your good works will not earn you heaven. No lifetime's amount of good works can make up for swearing just once, or even stealing a pen from a bank counter- as you really sinned against God, not mankind, you broke God's laws (yes mankind has copied Gods laws into the US legal code with tiny punishments). But you will not enter heaven if you part of the Catholic cult. Better pick up a Bible and read the "Book of John" if you want to be saved. The catholic faith looks like the way to heaven, but its a portal to hell.

Anonymous said...

12:21- People aren't dumb. Once the child rapes hit the news, everyone deep in their heart knew God does not dwell in the Catholic church. Its just hard for people born in catholic families to walk away. But they are slowly doing that.

Anonymous said...

Today. somewhere a child has just been raped by a Priest

Anonymous said...

Love these anti Catholic low IQ morons. You sound like knuckledraggers. Fixated on pedo homo sex...was it mommy or daddy?
You can tell us. Purge yourself! It will be okay.
Little do you know, if it wasn't for the Catholic Church you'd be living like an Eritrean bushman.

Anonymous said...

Today a Holy Priest, and "man of God" stuck his penis into a small boys anus. Thinking it was just a perk of the job. And the Pope agrees! How many boys has the Pope raped?

The Catholic religion is satanism!