Saturday, July 11, 2020

Used Cars Stay Winning As Coronavirus Scares Commuters Away From Public Transit

Sign of the times and unintended consequences for Kansas City's Downtown development scheme that is predicated on the toy train streetcar line.

Check this data set sent in by one of the BEST TKC readers:

Used Vehicle Prices Spike By Record 9% YoY As Worried Consumers Abandon Mass Transit

One major problem over the last few months for the auto market was that the price of used vehicles was plunging, pressuring new vehicle sales. Now, that trend looks to have reversed in grand fashion. Used car prices are up 9% year over year according to data from the Manheim U.S.


Anonymous said...

Corona virus, broke ass violent blacks... one of those two are scaring people away from the bus fo sho.

Anonymous said...

Broke ass violent blacks with corona virus are scaring people of the bus, there, fixed it for you.

And by the way, where do these broke ass bitches go? They don’t have jobs, they family be dead or in prison so where are they going all the time and especially at night all night long?