Thursday, July 16, 2020

Tucker Guilty In Payday Loan Hot Mess

A glimpse at Golden Ghetto drama end game . . . Read more:

Prairie Village man pleads guilty to tax evasion, payday loan fraud

A Prairie Village, Kansas, man pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday in two separate fraud schemes related to millions of dollars in false payday loan debt and to tax evasion totaling more than $8 million.Joel Jerome Tucker, 51, pleaded guilty before U.S.


greg said...

Is he related to Scott tucker, the payday loan owner that lived in hall brook and went to prison?

Anonymous said...

Used to read news on this in the pitch before it turned into a sjw kitty litter box liner.

Anonymous said...

^^I'm sure they miss you grampy. I mean what are they going to do now that another Boomer fucktard stop reading them? Oh the horror!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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