Thursday, July 23, 2020


Turns out it's the Mayor making a "pivot" in his remarks regarding a law enforcement effort during the historic KCMO homicide spike . . . Remember that just yesterday he accused Prez Trump of using a "racist dog whistle" and bark regarding this crackdown.

Now his latest note seems more conciliatory . . .

Mayor Quinton Lucas: "My greatest disappointment and heartbreak are the homicides happening in the streets of this city, and I want to be clear: we all want our city to be safe. Operation Legend should focus on tackling violent crime in our city with federal investigators providing support to our police department in unsolved homicide and non-fatal shooting investigations. This Operation must continue to be about protecting Kansas Citians from violent criminals. I appreciate that U.S. Department of Justice officials today clarified that there are no intentions to pivot to intimidating or detaining peaceful protestors, but we will continue to closely monitor this Operation with the help of U.S. Attorney Tim Garrison as it continues to progress.

"We must do all we can to prevent the loss of innocent lives and work together on a plan to address violent crime in this city. That plan needs to include prevention, intervention, and clearance—it takes all three, and this Operation is but one piece. I want to see violent criminals off our streets. I want to see this program work. I hope the federal government can trust local leaders to know and care about their communities, and to communicate accurate information about the number of arrests and the nature of this mission.

"Lastly, I want to note how immensely proud I am of Charron Powell for addressing the nation today in the name of her son, LeGend, who deserved to be able to grow up. Her strength and her advocacy serve as an important reminder that for families who have lost loved ones to violent crime, this operation is not just a political issue—this is about justice."

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You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

You want to know who this statement helps? Quinton Lucas and nobody else. He’s looking out for his own career by going back and forth on this. Everyone complains about two faced politicians but this equivocating is so obvious that it’s painful.

Real KC said...

Quinton doesn’t care about KC crime.

Jameson said...

The Mayor is easily influenced and doesn’t really have a moral compass. One day he’s on his knees with protesters, the next he’s trying to pretend that he supports police. If you don’t like an opinion from Mayor Lucas. Just wait 10 minutes. It’ll change.

Renzi said...



Anonymous said...

This guy only cares about himself. No guts, no opinion, short-termer.

Anonymous said...

What bald man bad realized is that he could lose federal dollars, you don’t ask for Trumps help then stab Trump in the back virtue signaling with other completely incompetent dimwit mayors. Even after they’ve allowed the rioters to destroy their cities they still think they’re going to get money from the feds for the damages to their cities that they allowed to happen. Orange man great 2020 won’t give any money to idiots that have talked trash on him and ignored the cry’s for help from their own citizens.

The feds have every right to protect federal buildings and if your stupid enough to attack these buildings you will go to jail period. There is no probation or charges dropped like that total loser Petersucker gives out like candy.

By the way, does bald man bad have multi personality syndrome?

Anonymous said...

at least he can admit a mistake and change his mind.

most people think outside help can't hurt and might help.

and, no, they're not really worried that the feds will disappear people.

Anonymous said...

7:09 ^^ that is obvious. Look at our crime rate. Look at the murder rate. Look at our school accreditation rate. Look at who he backs during riots. He is one lame dick. He forgot to look at anything.

Anonymous said...

Is qball still in quarantine? Or did he have a change of opinion on that too?

Anonymous said...

What in the world is this guy's "career"?
He's supposedly the mayor of a minor city, but pays no real attention to its horrendous murder rate, the terrible condition of its infrastructure, the outrageous cost of its water services, the ever-increasing sales taxes, the endless and mindless siphoning off of public funds to subsidize any "developer" with a pulse, and an inability to make serious decisions and stick with them for much more than a day.
Throw in media whore and self-important speech maker and you've pretty much wrapped Lucas up.
Maybe Dancing with the Stars is his next "career" move.
All celebrity and entertainment, all the time.

Anonymous said...

^^ He watches uneducated people kill. Because he lacks in the education of Kansas city students and excels in murder rate.

Anonymous said...

He helped make gay conversion therapy illegal, now he wants to try it.

Anonymous said...

What planet are you guys from? Q is the first mayor to call attention to the murder rate. I get don't like anybody black. Ok. Fine.

But stop huffing your own methane and get a grip on the facts. Ya think Slie gave a rat's ass while he was lining the pockets of white developers? Ya think White is playing with a full deck? Ya think JPB did anything. Ya think the last Police Chief didn't cash out on the race card?

We finally have KCPD, Feds, and City Hall agreeing on the Orange-man playbook.

Do you even comprehend? Or does Bandit have to spell it out for you at a sixth grade reading level every time? Focus people. Your race is counting on you to notice stuff.

Even KCPD and Alonzo are kissy-kissy. We should all be cheering because we are not Portland or Chicago or Minneapolis. Quit bitching about a couple of shards of plate glass on JC Nichols parkway. Some Douglas County punk with a spray can does not a riot make.

If you don't like what America's become under 400 years of awesome white rule, why don't you go back to whatever turnip patch burg in Europe it was that your Tobacco Road forefathers came from with their drip-drip-drip of veneral diseases, syphlitic brains, slave-owner work ethic, and charitable Christian gifts of blankets spiked with smallpox.

That's what racism is. Stringing shit together into a quasi-historical polemic of half-truths. Anybody can do it. It doesn't make you special.

Anonymous said...

10:14 likes to suck dick.

Anonymous said...

10:21 That about sums it up.

Anonymous said...


(L to R)
Mayor Quagmire can only spout off whiny exclamations like "somebody needs to do something" or "those doing something, aren't doing it the way I wanted."

President Trump (President of the United States) was contacted by Governor Parson, who received Mayor Quagmire's plea for help, and quickly delivered the big guns to help curb violence in KCMO.

Mayor Quagmire and Prosecutor JP Baker are soft-on-crime liberal flunkies!!!

Janus said...


Winner, winner.

Chicken dinner.

Glad to see that some understand what is happening in KC.

Diddling Don said...

Trump lied; 141,000+ died. More than 1000 Americans die every day because of his gross incompetence. Every. Day. MAGATS whine and bitch to avoid the facts. In 101 days ... LOCK HIM UP!!! Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Anonymous said...

I’d say flip flopping is one thing Qball is really good at.

Anonymous said...

Back to remedial troll school for you. At least make an effort.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the easily predictable race card.
What a surprise.
The other comments are accurate. Parson contacted the feds and they created and are implementing Operation Legend.
Lucas tries to take credit for that operation while at the VERY SAME TIME making a media splash so he can make believe the feds in KCMO might perform the kind of operation they are in Portland.
He knows that's not true, because he himself already stated his support.
Follow the bouncing ball.

Anonymous said...

Better check to see which way the wind is blowing today. I'm convinced that's how he makes his decisions. Well, that and which group he happens to be pandering, uh, I mean speaking to at any given time. What a huge disappointment he is.

Anonymous said...

10:14 ^^ Are you jealous he might suck a dick before you ? I don't care what either of you do . Weird

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of opinion. I think he has great political instincts for a young politician. He maintains dialog with all the power players: Fed, State, local. He asks for help when he needs it. He hasn't pissed off Jeff City like White or Slie. He can criticize DC without rancor.

IMHO he is making the best of the hand the feds have dealt which he's figured out is mostly Aces compared to other cities that are getting lead spades and nameless goons.

Things change day by day, sure, situations evolve and so should the approach. It sounds like the Feds have agreed to no Portland style militarized presence as we have no riots here. This is why he has changed his messaging.

Seems to me he is keeping the ship on course better than most Mayors given the the heavy seas and crosswinds.

I don't see pandering, I see a realistic assessment and response to a changing dynamic, local and national. Just my 2c. Everyone is entitled to their own.

Anonymous said...

Nah. He's a clueless wind-tester, with no guiding principles except panic and self-promotion.

Anonymous said...

10:14 - Venereal diseases came from the Americas to Europe, not vice versa. Stop citing that canard about smallpox blankets unless you have citations to original sources to back it up. The North was a far wealthier society than the South in the years before and including the Civil Way precisely because they did not have a slave owner work ethic, and in case you were not aware, the North won.

If racism consists of "stringing shit together into a quasi-historical polemic of half-truths," then you are a racist.

Retro ROCKER said...

You know who is benefiting from the Huge amount of crime in the Kansas City Metro. Small Town Missouri. Most of there businesses are doing well. Many Campgrounds are full IN Central Missouri the Hotels have visitors. Tourist will not come to a Crime infested METRO. AND YES THE Johnson County Kansas Jail is full.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response. Here are 2 primary sources on deliberate smallpox innoculation of American First Peoples. There are other documents, but this microfiche of actual correspondences on the use of smallpox is as primary as you get.

You are correct about syphlis. My bad. I thought I made clear that the stringing of canards was for illustrative purpose.

Anonymous said...

You bad also about smallpox blankets. It was suggested one time, by the English (Lord Jeffrey Amherst approved), but no one is sure whether they went through with it. If they did, it did not work, because the Indians prevailed in that particular siege. I have never seen original or secondary evidence proving that it happened other times, much less that it was common.