Saturday, July 25, 2020


More than any other city in the metro and possibly throughout the Heartland, KCMO needs cash to keep the lights on as coronavirus and civil unrest have sparked a crash in local biz and tax revenue.

Already there have been 4.5% cuts across the board and KCMO workers have been told to prepare for more cutbacks.

Even worse, local regs have basically killed small biz and tanked revenue for a number of bigger employers as well.

And all of the economic devastation comes amid news of rising coronavirus numbers with the threat of more shutdowns on the way as cold & flu season looms on the horizon.

The only hope . . .

The feds are printing more money and bestowing it upon plebs and politicos alike . . . We won't pretend to explain the sketchy economics of it all but rest assured that smarter people than TKC have expressed skepticism at eternal stimulus as a means to float economic and political turmoil.

Headline for perspective from both sides . . .

Forbes: Here Are The Latest Numbers For Second Stimulus Checks, Student Loans, Unemployment And More

Vox: The economy could need trillions in support over a period of years.

Fox News: Coronavirus stimulus serving as a 'vehicle' for Dems' progressive agenda

The Hill: GOP senators push for stimulus checks to almost 2M excluded Americans

Biz Insider: Bernie Sanders slams Tesla CEO Elon Musk, saying it's 'pathetic' that Musk is against another government stimulus package

And all of this inspires tonight's playlist as both conservatives and progressives await "free money" despite the long term costs consequences . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Double egged sword. Without the stimulus you can just turn the lights off on the American economy.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.

As long as there's a bunch of corporate welfare in there, we won't hear too much complaining from the "conservatives" in Washington or here in KC.

Every is lining up for it.

Byron Funkhouser said...

At this point, only Rand Paul is willing to have other people make sacrifices to lower the deficit. No amount of tweaking, or radical austerity measures, will work. Only a robust economy, & a realistic tax rate for the wealthy & corporations, will work.

The immediate danger is a massive influx of homelessness. Once this happens, you can forget about any economic recovery. Contrary to conservative mythology, homeless people are not employable without massive assistance that conservatives would hate - phone, transportation, a shower & clothing.

We are in this mess because we wouldn't keep the country locked down, for as long as it needed to be locked down. In worrying about the economy, instead of the virus, Der Fuhrer has destroyed the economy, which he was falsely touting as his accomplishment. Reopening the schools in the middle of a re-surging pandemic is another cart before the horse, in the hopes of saving the economy.

When children start dying, we will be forced to shut down the country again to REALISTICALLY address the emergency that people are wishing would just magically disappear.

Anonymous said...

Open it up, return to normal. Let god sort this mess out before the civil war starts.

Anonymous said...

Byron begging for more money. Priceless

Anonymous said...

1:51, my thoughts exactly. He’s like a dog tick on the government teat. The minute there’s an article about a possible government payment, he’s up and sniffing around. Old Man and Old Lady Shithouser had to regret the mess they spawned.

Anonymous said...

We need to elect a Democrat again to get the fiscal house in order. I'm sick of fiscal conservative myth.

Reagan nearly tripled the debt when he was in office. George W Bush doubled the previous 225 years of national debt in his 8 years. Trump has added more debt in 4 years than Obama did in 8 years. Trump has us at nearly $1 trillion of new debt per MONTH now.

Obama inherited $1 trillion annual deficits and cut it in half in his second term. Clinton got to an annual surplus. Democrats are always having to clean up Republican disasters.

Anonymous said...

Republicans introduced a measure to ban any Democrats in Congress.
Rightfully so many say including some Democrats.

You see- the Democrats are founders of racism- from the KKK to Jim Crow laws to banning the abolition of slavery.
So before we go tearing down statues any more- Dems need to get their own act together.

Protesters are aware of this and are finally demanding all Democrats are racists and should resign.
Pelosi, Schumer, dumbass Adam Schiff... you name it- they are racist party-members and need to go.
The Democrats in name are numbered by just a few days or weeks left before they will all have to resign in disgrace.

Is America the beautiful or what? Google this if you don’t believe this will happen.

(I am Joe Biden and I forgot this message)

Anonymous said...

But yet may can't find help to hire because the assholes are getting to much money sitting at home like Byron doing nothing. Okay maybe a stimulus check but this extra 600 a week shit has to stop. Too many sitting at home making more money than those who are working and thats where the bullshit that Byron Fuckmewantsfreeshits thinks he should be getting isn't right.

REALISTICALLY the emergency is assholes like Byron with bad hygiene, don't know how to act in public and with drug habits speaking on money issues who have never worked in their life and expect it all should be free.

Even Dennis Funkhouser the unfortunate brother of Byron says Byron is an idiot worthless tool.

Anonymous said...

We are in this mess because we kept the country locked down for too long. No country in the history of the world has done what we have tried to do, lock down a roaring economy for a couple of months and then put all kinds of restrictions on opening up again. We wrecked ourselves and are now left begging for government handouts, demanding that the treasury fire up the presses. We are on our way towards a Weimar denouement. Take what money you have and buy gold and silver with it because that is all we will have that will be worth something in a short time.

Anonymous said...

We were gonna crash at the nationsl level with or without the rona. No fiscal discipline, declining middle class, growing poverty. Ponzi-scheme debt spending. Unauditable agencies.

Feds have been printing money so politicians dont have to make difficult choices and bankers get the debt service income at taxpayer expense.

Cities are saddled with funding fat retirement plans and bond debt because Unions and Construction honchos backed City Council shills.

Byron maybe insufferable, but he could squeeze a dime. We would be even more broke without his brief period of fiscal restraint.

Poor whites pointing fingers at blacks while everyone's pockets are picked by corporations like Amazon that pay zero dollar Federal taxes. Did Obama or the Orange man do squat about that? Keep voting in the same two party crony capitalists and you keep getting more of the same.

Some good news. Billionaire incomes rise 11% during COVID. How are you doing?

That sucking sound isn't your tax dollars disappearing in DC, its the air whistling between your ears.

Anonymous said...

^^^ stop buying from Amazon you lazy fuck

MDSF said...

.....So 1:33...why is your god doing this to us?
any ideas? And what do you mean "sort them out"?
Sort who?...........
Speak up kadiddlefuck!!!

Wall E. Weasel said...

At the end of this post is the video for a song which can no longer be played on the radio due to it containing the word "faggot." Immediately underneath is the headline for the next post: "HALLMARK CHANNEL PROMISES INCLUSIVE LGBT CHRISTMAS!!!"

I am unsure whether to laugh or applaud.

Anonymous said...

"You see- the Democrats are founders of racism- from the KKK to Jim Crow laws to banning the abolition of slavery."

Still lame after all your posts. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan called. They want you to study "Southern Strategy."